New volunteer


Someone in wing either on a power trip or misread the rules regarding clearance?


No - Registered civ comm.
The process to become one is identical to becoming a CI including having the same first aid quals and security checks. Even the paperwork just references both positions.

If you want civ comm to act as female cover or even just transport cadets to an activity they have to be registered. They are staff in all but name.


What first aid requirements to become a CI ?


Same as for all other CFAVs: Minimum of HeartStart, renewed 3-yearly.
Not a prerequisite for appointment.


That’s useful to know, thanks.


Sorry. I read the post as that being a prerequisite.


On joining if you have first aid or first aid at work or something great if not it will not stop you from joining, withing the first few weeks you will do heartstart which is about four hours and will teach you to do CPR. After that you will be expected to do AFA which is activity first aid it’s normally a two day course with half a day of testing for all those on the course with another half day both Half’s done as one day to enable you to teach youth first aid which would be for cadets in short cadets should do, heartstart then youth first aid then activity first aid. I hope that helps you


Having AFA doesn’t automatically allow you to teach First Aid, you also neeed to be signed off to do so by the Wing First Aid Officer who will keep a record of who in the Wing is Authorised to deliver First Aid Training.


Understand now, I seem to remember a big hoha in my wing when Civ com member was also the sqn adj.


It does help many thanks. I was thinking of doing FA course privately as I have no work based qualification. But from the posts here I gather training is provided in house. I’ll hang on then and discuss it with the CO when I have my informal chat.

I’m a civil servant and I think it’s possible that I get paid leave for volunteering/ reserves so I might be able to take time away from work to do training without impacting my annual leave.


You will get some paid time off for volunteering. It varies from department to department. In my department we get 6 days to use as we wish. (my DD is very flexible so if I need 2 hours here and there we add it up and when I hit 7.4 hours we register one day on the system.)

In addition CFAV get an extra week off (paid) to attend an annual camp.

In reality I get far more time off on an informal basis but that will depend on your DD and department as a whole


Many thanks, yes I think HMG as directed departments to be supportive of reserves etc and the guidance I have seen in mine seems to confirm that. According to our website they even run roadshows to actively recruit civil servants into the reserves and, as you say, give quite generous paid leave. If I have read correctly reservists in my department can get up to 15 days paid leave for training.

I only hope that my department treats civilian (non-uniformed) cadet volunteers the same or similar. If not, I’m still happy to sacrifice some of my own leave but obvs, I could commit to do more with additional leave.


Only if unaccompanied which is how I read it.

I have to say the semi-CI approach using Civ Comm is total BS and just a ruse by HQAC to paper over cracks in staff recruitment. One squadron I know has at least 2 registered civ comm as they have just 3 staff the CO and a SNCO who is looking to get out and a CI. The civ comm seem to get used as minibus drivers and doing parades, with none of the others in sight. They’re happy to do it as their sons were on the squadron together about 15 years ago.

My Chairman saw through this as soon as it came out.


I had a website all made up and ready to go but the wing media officer said it had to have a similar template to the wing website…only the wing website doesn’t exist :frowning: so the sqn wasted about £35 and many of my hours. Yet I have seen many other sqn’s in my wing with websites and there are some shocking ones out there. I think of ideas which would help and benefit the sqn but they are either taken on by someone else or it cant be used. So I’m resorting to the CI who attends activities other staff wouldn’t be seen dead at…


My wife has just joined as a CI - her DBS has already been verified but she’s not yet accredited - she has been told she can’t attend any courses such as First Aid or the “safeguarding” course until she is, despite the only course attendants being adults. What’s all that about?!


idiots, we are being surrounded by idiots!!
people need to have a look at themselves and ask themselves what is it they are actually bringing to the organisation?

To have members of staff willing to attend the “boring” courses that you struggle to have people attend then to knock them back is just stupidity.


Happened to my better half. Nine months later she’s still waiting.

It’s really put her off. I think she’s debating not going back.


I have heard that the exclusion is related to insurance but I can’t see anything in ACP300 that points the finger or differentiated between probationary and appointed CFAVs.

This is something that needs to be challenged and a sensible policy derived.


As it stands in my wing (until they change it again) for a new volunteer.

  1. Walk in off street chat with OC. If positive forms ordered. Cannot parade.
  2. Forms arrive at sqn, new CI call in to pick up forms and interview with WSO. Cannot parade.
  3. Forms returned to sqn by CI, checked by CO because they are so convoluted there is an error CI goes away and rectifies the error. Cannot parade.
  4. CI returned with error rectified, forms forwarded to WHQ. Cannot parade.
  5. Forms returned to sqn by WHQ tyhere was an error because they are so convoluted. The CI calls into the sqn to rectify the error. Forms forwarded to WHQ. Cannot parade.
  6. forms forwarded to RHQ cannot Parade
  7. Forms Forwarded to HQAC cannot parade
    DBS form forwarded to Cheadle Hulme for process Cannot parade.
    CI gets DBS back and clear calls into sqn and copies certificate and this is forwarded to WHQ.
  8. New CI can now parade on Sqn only, cannot attend any training at WHQ ao another unit cannot assist in any off sqn activities.
  9. Six to nine month later announcement in WROs of appointment of CI, CI can not take part in all RAFAC activities and courses. WRO announcement normally back dated 5 to 8 months.
    Whole process normally 9 to 11 months
    This process will normally take longer as the paperwork will get lost and you will have to start again.
    The next time paperwork is lost I am going to report it to the data protection commissioner. Loss of personal details is an offence under data protection law.


I to have been told it is insurance, but how can a person be insured for 123 (Anytown) sqn and not for 456 (Anothertown) Sqn.
Also there has been a directive stating that all child protection training an AVIP must be taken within 6 months of appointment. It 6 months to be told that you have been appointed.