So the RAF have their new TRF, the CCF have theirs, when are the ATC getting theirs?


Are cadets getting a new flash that isn’t actually subdued?? Would be nice


So the RAF have had these stocked for some time now. The motive is so that when the RAF are doing humanitarian aid and community work they are seen as RAF and not mistaken for the Army. Looks like they are finally rolling it out.

As for RAF AC TRF. Supposedly Cadets will get what the Adult NCO Cadre wear. All Officers/SNCOs will wear the (now) old RAF TRF. If the RAF don’t approve this, then RAFAC will then rotate the RAF TRF 90deg and wear it like that instead. SO I’VE BEEN TOLD…


I’ve heard the same although hadn’t heard the 90 degree rotation thing.


I have heard the delay is funding.

Be it a new badge or the SNCO badge its at the RAFACs cost abd it is too low a priority to consider.

I too have heard a “stick with an RAF TRF rotated” but that may cause supply issues to suddenly need 40k badges!


AFAIK it’s not an “old” flash. We maintain the traditional one however the corporate one is used for, as mentioned, public duties.


I think it makes more sense of us to fall inline with RAF TF as with cut in their numbers there’s bound to be stock of them. I note the blue flash in pic as pointed out it’s never going to be used in combat as it be more of a target point than anything else. In respect of the old SNCO TF I’m sure wings might have some about but there would be no need for a redesign as cadets direct have them. Over all I like the idea at it ties officers/SNCO and cadets into RAF. Do ACF not wear regimental ones


As perfectly demonstrated by Lincolnshire Police’s social media last night, despite already have previously stated said personnel were RAF they still called them Army.


Who would have thunk it. I wonder if the conversation went something like this:

RAF Bod: “Hey, I know! let’s create a TRF which will tell the public who we are so they don’t keep confusing us with the Army!”

Rest of RAF Bods: “Brilliant idea! Let’s get someone to design it!”

Another RAF Bod: “I know this design house. Costs a bit but it will be well worth it to show the public that we aren’t the Army after all!”

Rest of RAF Bods: “Do it!”

Design house get to work, come up with several designs of TRF and present them.

RAF Bods: “How much is that one?”

Designer: “Lots and lots”.

RAF Bods: “Great! We’ll have that one! the public won’t be able to confuse us with the Army anymore! Fantastic value for money and even though we can’t afford aircraft or pilots or uniform and things, these will be well worth it!. It’s only public money. How many do we need?”

RAF Personnel Bod: “50,000 should do”

RAF Bods: “Lets get them ordered!”

Other RAF Bod: “I’ll get this put into dress regs right away. Tell the boys and girls that they must wear them as soon as they receive them when out and about in the public eye. Get this in the RAF News and on the RAF website straight away!”.

RAF Dress Regs Bod: “I’ve already done it”.

RAF Bean Counter: “Er, we only have enough money for 500”.

Rest of RAF Bods: “Oh”.

Meanwhile, in Lincolnshire, despite the wearing of “Royal Air Force” TRF’s which clearly say: “Royal Air Force” the local Constabulary said that they were pleased with the assistance rendered by the Army…


Of course if the RAF wore blue uniforms this wouldn’t happen…mind you my neighbour used to think I worked for the RAC!


Not sure that wearing No2 or indeed No1 is ideal for shovelling snow!

Besides we put cadets out in Blues all the time and they still get called Army Cadets!


That’s the most horrendous thing I have ever seen.


Surprised people are getting so excited about a cloth patch!!!
i would have thought there are more important things to think about / do , like getting flying of all sorts running properly, getting shooting up and running properly again and getting the dire state of some buildings sorted out. Also, most importantly…making sure things happen for the cadets and giving them opportunities to do and learn something new while having FUN!!
The ‘dressing up’ clothes (MTP/DPM or whatever) are rather a minor consideration in the scheme of things i would have thought!!!


May I suggest the Pointless Uniform Development Sqn’s funds are diverted to the front line so some of the kit actually works.


You could tell it was RAF Regiment that were helping plod, they kept clearing 5 mile stretches at a time…


Dress up?? Patronise people much?

Or is every observation about our parent service off limits until all of the above is sorted By the way, l don’t know if youve spotted that most of the issues in your list is the responsibility of HQRAFAC and above, but I can assure you that not talking about a PR badge won’t do anything to improve the afore mentioned list!


You could put everyone in No 1s, with the Central Band of the RAF Regiment playing Dambusters, fly-bys by the Red Arrows and a huge PR display with massive banners saying “Royal Air Force” and people would still think it was the army.


People will always see what they want to see.

sorry Crabs… :grin:


I don’t see how it’s a bad thing, means you can cock up, and just crack your own details and do whatever, and the Army will get the blame…


I suppose it is fair - we tend to get punished for their failures anyway.