So in the mele all dressed in green or whatever colour DPM the average joe will distinguish between people based on a bit of material on an arm.


Unfortunately you can see HQAC getting all excited about nonsense like cloth patch so they can carrying on ignoring the bigger issues. It would be pushed as look what we’ve done aren’t we great, but all the other things are still in pooh order.
Also there are too many adults staff around who see things like dressing up in combats and TRFs as really important to their Air Cadet lives. We seemed to get by for many years without these things and at times when the MOD is looking to cut costs we don’t need it.


Not just the RAF. The Royal Marines Twitter account this week retweeted a local newspaper story ‘Army helps push truck out of Magor services’ - pointing out it was actually the RM…


The joys of everyone dressing the same regardless of service.


I remember a picture on the army website which clearly showed RAF Regiment mudguards!


All the forces twitter feeds are an embarrassment.

Twitter is horrendous and the sooner the Forces stop wasting money on that drivel the better.

However there is a slight difference with a twitter status and spending millions on a stupid patch.

All you crab air types should just wear a blue JWH over the top of MTP.

Or just get on with it.


Far more sensible than our US cousins who spent millions on different camo for the different services but now seem to be moving to multicam anyway
You could solve a lot of problems by having all Cdts in MTP trousers and the relevant service specific JHW and stable belt.


No chance, it appeals to the increasing number of the brain dead in society.


Crucify me if you want to, but I actually quite like the RN’s approach to this - they identified that one mode of uniform was becoming obsolete, took a relatively well-proven style (PCS) and modified it to suit their needs (dark blue, removing all the crap on the arms, etc), trialled it, then introduced it based on the results of that trial.

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Which is not the type of people we should be recruiting.
The majority of twitter is not the demograph we should be drawing from. It’s full of left wing hipster creatures.

The fact the army bent over to the twitter crowd after the picture of the lad cammed out in the jungle.
Shows what a compete waste of oxygen twitter users are and a complete lack of spine to whatever twitter user the army employed, no doubt a pen pushing, iron sight desk jockey.


I will say it again.PCS is terrible. The stupid arm pockets. The whole thing is gash.

Go back to the old DPM style clothing. And give you crab air types the Navy stuff.


I don’t see what the issue is here the RAF can decide what to have as there TF and what we wear as ours not the other way about. I think the blue one shown above is suitable for what the Purpose of it is. As much as it would be nice if we could pick and choose what we want it’s not going to happen.we can’t have no uniform but keep RAF ID card use of mess etc. Flying is a disappointment we all know it is, but we are not likely going to hire Easyjet as it would not reflect very well on the RAF or ourselves .I think we are going to have to accept that we will be asked to do more with less money or do the best we can. I can see us having bigger camps but fewer of them and less travelling to them to keep costs down. They can’t keep cutting RAF budget and not touch ours at some point


I completely agree.

Remind me again which Regiment you were in?

The Royal Regiment of Porridgers?

The Fat Watch?



Please stay on topic. I’ve already suspended someone for trolling in another thread, I’d rather not do it again.


Is there anything in particular on which you’re basing the idea that (a) Twitter is full of left-wingers and (b) that those holding left-wing views are any less suitable for military service?


Not having a tactical badge on the basis that we don’t do anything tactical, would save some money, not a lot but we know what Tesco say.


That’s a very good point!

My Wing are already looking at ways to reduce the cost of issuing uniform - reissuing PWS to recruits, no uniform until at least first class, and so on… with those talks going on, it’s hard to imagine any spare budget for TRFs!!


With our lot recruits tend to get only greens to start with, then blues when they have shown commitment. Never stopped issuing good PWS . It has always surprised me that the ACO hasn’t been on the receiving end of deeper cuts. Maybe time to bin the idea of TRF!!!


What’s PWS?


HQACRAFAC, will have three TRF designs made by the same people who thought up the “Feeling” adverts for the Army. They will roll out a questionnaire to all of the cadet services to “see what they think”. They will then choose the first one they thought of which will turn out to be the worst voted for option. They will then decide that all patches will need a new TRF of this design and budget will be made from all flying and staffing budgets to come up their design which is navy, duck egg blue and maroon. It will be issued to all staff and cadets to bond us in the same organisation by 24 hour personal courier.

Most people will be quiet but one idiot will pointy out “I’snt that identical to the old TRF?” At which point the Facebook Queen will write a long letter to every man woman and child in the UK and dependencies explaining “It may look the same, but a re-issue reinforces our commitment to the ATC Cadet experience which otherwise would go unnoticed. If it had been a futile exercise we would not have decided to re-dedicated the Flying, Gliding, Camp Budget for the next five years to putting a union flag on the other arm. Repeat after me, 1. We at HQACRAFAC are always unquestionably guided by you 2.We are never wrong.and 3. Rule 2 overrides rule 1.”.

“The re-issue of the new TRF It has again given us momentum to look at the initials of the organisation and re-issue all badges, commissions etc in a yet to be decided acroynm but we will ask your opinion before we eventually choose the following; Royal Airforce Training Sometimes Association Reflecting Serious Experience” “oops did I say that out loud?” ;o(