New Training Material

I have noticed that some new first class material has been released on Ultilearn. It’s better than what was there before, but is still mainly just PowerPoint presentations.

If you could create a new training module from scratch what would you include? Do you think e-learning type courses that can be accessed online are the way forward, or are ebooks, (or printed material like the old training ACPs) the best way to improve training?

What else would people like to improve training throughout the organisation? (Not just talking about first class) :slight_smile:

I know Ultilearn is rubbish, but we’re stuck with it for now. I am also asking how we can improve the info that is on there and how we can make better use of the system.

The best way would be a printed manual, which can contain lots of suggested interactive activities! I teach very little of first class via PowerPoint.


We try and make first class as interactive as possible because you have to engage cadets, especially in CCF so they don’t quit. So I would say some more suggestions with getting people involved and engaged.
No death by PowerPoint.


I’d like to see a series of actual lesson plans (for 30 - 45 minute sessions), which cover the whole syllabus efficiently, yet effectively. I’m slowly trying to get some together for first class. I may make it to leading in the next year…
Some lessons are presentations, but most are suggestions for activities.

Essentially, I want something that - when a staff member has been landed with teaching first class with 10 minutes notice, or simply hasn’t had chance to prep anything - they can pull out and run (with as little thinking as possible) and it still be a reasonably engaging and constructive lesson.

Personally, I’d be against distributing a printed manual - it’s much easier to keep online materials up to date.

What I’d really like to see is some collaboration. I’m fairly confident that somewhere else in the country, someone will have done something similar to what I’m writing (probably with some better ideas as well). The ACC drive is a start, but having an officially endorsed (and promoted) place that we could all use to exchange and improve on resources I think would really help - e.g. a folder on SharePoint that anyone with Bader access could write to (with the specific purpose of it being for training resources).
I vaguely recall there being somewhere hidden in the training officers area that training officers could write to, but I think it got lost in the 365 migration (and, regardless, it had very little in it)?

Even making it easier to suggest updates to existing training materials would be a start.


Well, when I say printed I’d mean more a pdf document that can be printed as required, or just used electronically.

We’re vaguely thinking about getting e-readers for the unit for that sort of thing.


I have been looking at this for some time - I have things like laminated boards with all the ranks on velcro so the cadets work in groups to try to figure them out for themselves. Just started the same with History of flight - all the topics jumbled with title, text, dates and pics so they can match up the cards, then out them all on a timeline I am planning on haveing on the squadron wall. They way they can refer back to lessons afterwards
Map reading and IET I always teach practically


@MattB, @Kat, @Squirrel, @juliet_mike
You guys have seen the First Class resource books sold by Cadet Direct?
I believe they are written by a current CFAV and only sold through CD as HQAC wasn’t interested.

First Class Air Cadet Instructor Handbook

First Class Air Cadet Resource Book


Yeah my CO said she would order some copy’s so when I teach part one next yeah it will be easier for us to do so.

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What would people like for material above first class?

For me, more guidance for those not already familiar with the subject.

Many of the presentations - quite rightly - assume instructor knowledge. Unfortunately, there isn’t sufficient supporting documentation to provide it.

Also, as for first class, I’d like to see more guidance beyond PowerPoint. Suggestions for activities, guidance as to how long a particular topic is likely to take to instruct, etc, etc.

Getting the syllabus correct needs to be the first step, there is no point in making fantastic resources when the exams are wrong.


Totally random, but there is a DVD which can be found online, called Secrets of Ferihegy. It’s basically a documentary DVD about the then Budapest Ferihegy (now Liszt Ferenc) airport.

Some of it is a little wafty and not relevant, but it has great sections with Air Traffic, Air Field Ops, and has a flight deck video of a Malev flight from Budapest to Paris and back, all explained by one of the pilots on the Flight deck.

I’ve used this a good few times, as it covers basically all the airmanship elements of first class. Not sure how easy it would be to get hold of though, I got it from an aviation minded friend who was living and working in Hungary a few years ago.

Good question… I’m mid re-write of Military Aircraft Systems, so any suggestions gratefully received!

A good start would be removing all death by powerpoint swiftly followed by removing the whole school-like syllabus


I’m thinking of running short courses for some of the master / senior topics. As the ‘customer’ would you give up either a Saturday then some personal study time or a weekend to tick off a topic? Ideally at a relevant and interesting location such as an aviation museum for MAS or Air Power.


I think something needs to be done with PoF to make it more ‘teachable’. There is a lot of material in there, not all covered in the exams (the Cadets tell me) and it’s a bit of a mission to get through it all. And that’s speaking as an aviation geek; colleagues with other interests in the ATC are quite wary of teaching it.

One of my CIs is rewriting it for the RAFAC as I type


I would be up for Saturdays/Sundays and self study rest, although I guess it depends whether you are planning to teach everything that needs to be known, or teach the minimum with signposts to where people can explore more.

I’d aim to give the foundations and perhaps set a self study project which they can deliver on Sqn and also use to sign off the new PSC

sounds good. yeah :slight_smile: