New to ACC and RAFAC

Hi all,

I was previously a service helper with the ACF and upon a new posting, have taken over the Adjt position at an RAFAC detachment. I’m still learning my way around evening planning and what’s needed for first class cadets so be gentle.

I’ll be raiding this forum for it’s knowledge and experience!


Welcome to the forums, and the RAFAC!

There’s a lot of great information here, and the search bar can be useful to answer questions. Also be aware there is a lot of guff here too from some people so take everything with a grain of salt. But welcome aboard!

A good starting thread for adj stuff may be this one:


It’s always good to hear of people bringing new experiences from other org’s, particularly those so closely related!

thanks for the heads up on the Adjt post. i’ll devour that shortly!

Welcome. Are you supporting the CCF or the ATC? I’m guessing ATC but you’ll find slight differences between us.

I’m now at an overseas ATC detachment.


Exciting! I don’t know that we have any overseas ATC types on here. It will be great to have a new viewpoint.

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Welcome, by your name I would guess you are part of the 1OS det further north in Cyprus?

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Isle of wight?


Welcome, I am with Jersey Squadron. If you have any “Overseas” type questions, feel free to ask. I suspect that you might be in a better location in terms of support from the RAF / ATC than us. The crown dependency squadron, are self funding and don’t always get much direct help.

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Have heard that Jersey Sqn hardly ‘suffers’ though!

Thanks for the welcome everyone.