New Adj - help!


Taking up post as an adjutant in January. Recommended things to put on a to-do list that isn’t SMS records and admin for events (that’s all i have really done). Just checking if there’s anything else i should be regularly thinking of.


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All RFCA admin.
Staff training and maintaining records
Staff recruitment
Cadet recruitment
Website, social media

Anything else your OC gives you.

Best thing to do. Ask them!
They have appointed you adj, ask them what they want from you.

Every Sqn is different. Every set of TORs will be different.

Some Sqns adj is the dep OC, others its admin monkey, others its tea maker and on some it’s not even filled.


^^ I was going to say something similar to this.

Best bet is sit down with OC with some draft TORs (several examples with slight differences are available with a SharePoint search) and agree up front a list of tasks and responsibilities. There will probably be things not on the example TORs that you or they want you to do.

Leaving it to guesswork or ad-hoc tasking will create role creep and leave gaps for critical tasks to become neglected in a “I thought you were doing it” scenario.

Clear out the office clutter, appropriately remove old paper records, ditch any outdated blank forms, assess current processes and adapt or create new ones…

Also worth a chat with other staff on the unit to see what support they need/expect - just don’t go accepting their key workloads!

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Most Adjs struggle because they become a babysitter for other members of staff on top of the “day job”

They have access (or should) to sharepoint so they can find their own information etc

Also remember Cadets have access to information and forms and publications through Cadet Portal - get them to help themselves.

Don’t be affraid to tell them to do it themselves where it’s possible to do so. A good OC will back you up on this

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This brings up a good point, an approximate knowledge of the information available, is it an ACP, ACTO, something else (knowing the specific references an unnecessary bonus that would just come with time) is a great weapon in an Adj’s arsenal. A lot of that will come with time and experience as you spend time looking around to see what’s what, but make sure you have a good dig around and familiarise yourself with how to find things.

Being able to turn to someone and say “Take a look at the ACTO on Sharepoint, you should be able to sort it yourself but let me know if you need support with the admin” is a stress-saving skill.

Don’t forget that everyone should have done ACTO 10 and SMS Events training.

I’ve never known two squadrons to do things the same way… but a very clear understanding of what is expected as above is good advise.

And (as a training officer I can say this) don’t let the training officer shirk their admin onto you. They should be equally as well versed in ACTO’s and procedure as you are. I guess that comes under the “don’t take on others responsibilities”…

The best systems work where if needed the adj and trg off can flip flop and cover for each other.


This and it applies to the OC and/or any other member of staff!

Delegation is all fine and dandy until you’re doing everyone else’s work for them and suddenly you’re overwhelmed! It’ll happen easier than you think.

Saying no was something I had to learn for my sanity. Although, if it’s your OC or someone above you then ensure it’s with good reason and done respectfully. That will go a long way.


Depends on what the ToR the OC provides says, I expected my Adj to be doing things like updating Cadets classifications on SMS, I know other OC’s who expect the Training Officer to do it etc


Being Adj is just like riding a bike.

Except the bike is on fire.

And everything is on fire.

Because you’re in hell.

Best of luck with the new position!


This also applies to supporting Sunderland AFC.


Words of hope - ever thought of doing political speech writing :rofl: :rofl:


cheers for the words of advice :slight_smile:

Noted! Been a training officer and know the temptation well.

RFCA Admin, i assume work service request etc. Where do i find these and associated guidance?

Silly question alert :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

Where do i find all the Pers forms? ACPS or elsewhere? Cant seem to find on sharepoint.

They’re all there, under key documents… also, the search bar is very fussy - you need spaces in all the right places! You’ll get used to it!

This varys wing to wing.

In my wing it’s a sharepoint form, in others it’s a Wexo email jobby

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They are all referred to within ACP 20 Personnel Regulations, unfortunately they are not linked too :roll_eyes: but are available in RAFAC Key Docs > Forms and then scroll down to Pers.

Bingo!..I just love sharepoint :roll_eyes: Thank you