New Shooting Badges and terminology changes

Looks as if someone has realised that having 16 different badges is a bit silly, so we’re moving back to only having 4!

They are also formally ‘Shooting Badges’ and are not too be referred to a Marksmanship Badges.


Well you don’t need 16 different badges when you’ve realised it’s silly having 4 different rifles so only push one, worse-than-off-the-shelf-that-anyone-could-buy air rifle.


About bloody time

Don’t forget cadet 50/100, giving us 18 old shooting badges!

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How will that work though as the standards are different on each weapon system, or will we just be really limited on what badges we can get on air rifle?!

If you achieve the old Marksman standard on the L98, you wear the Bronze Shot badge.

So where is this published or is this an early sniff?

Feels like this is over complicating things, the 16 badge system worked, it’s just that the badges were wrong, the colour should’ve indicated the level of shooting and the badge the weapon system not the other way round.


This was due to go out ages ago but has been delayed.

Email went out today to the shooting world and should make its way to the shooting portal for mass visibility eventually.

Each badge may be earned on any Cadet WS, awarded at the same point / for the same criteria as the current badges iaw ACP 18 Vol 3.

It’s a ‘MSBN’ which I think is Military Skills Briefing Note. It somehow isn’t on Sharepoint yet, even though it’s dated for the 17th of Feb. Quite why this is a ‘MSBN’ rather than just an IBN I do not know… Great comms once again.

Heads up to shooting officers today, published to sharepoint tomorrow

It will be published on the Shooting Portal tomorrow, at which point the change will become effective.The changes will also be announced on Teams (under RAFAC Military Skills) and on social media over the coming week.

Partly because an IBN requires more fiery hoops to jump through to publish.

The comms is going the way it is so as the people you are directed to ask questions of can ask their questions ahead of time and provide answers quicker instead of everyone getting it at once and then shooting officers who may not have checked their email getting inundated with questions.

Will hit social media and the wider audience as the week goes on.

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The MSBN was published last week and then deleted 30 mins later…

Same subject but this is a revised MSBN with more details and the altered comms plan for distribution.

We felt the original MSBN left too many unanswered questions and no sensible path for people to ask them.

Well, haven’t had any complaints with our Scorpion air rifles. Basic, good functionality & helps to show the principles of marksmanship very well.

However, the load of :poop:.22 rifle……

But it is getting a bit silly how many different comms paths there are. IBNs Logs BNs, MSBNs, Announcements, trickle down emails etc. Some things come out via multiple streams. Some just appear on a SharePoint page.


Is it me, or do you have to try pretty hard to spot the bits that aren’t blue?

Edit, I mean you have stars and crowns there that are typically displayed in a shiny colour…


Agree, not my nursing home or old people though.


Guess i should say goodbye to my all silver/white brassard then :frowning:
or just get better at shooting.

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