New RAFAC Rank Slide Images

Has anybody got any new images of the new RAFAC rank slides for presentations/lessons? Preferably digital phots rather than photos of the actual slides?

Cheers :slight_smile:

How fortuitous!

@tkg uploaded the very things to the ACC Drive today!


The so called dark blue/grey “jersey” tabs are better suited for the shirt…

Gonna look gash on GPJ and Gortex …

What material has the cammo rank slide been made from because it does not look like MTP.

The Jersey tab look like they have been made from an old shirt.

I don’t trust the colour fidelity of the image above.

‘Gop’ and ‘Ing’ spring to mind.

The camoflauge slide looks like it’s been made out of Belgian camo…

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Been shopping for yourself MJ?

Nah, I do a real job. :wink:

(I’d want to be at least at 1* level in order to make a few changes!)

They look like the slides advertised on the cadet kit shop website. They are described as Multicam MTP - no idea if that is the same as the issue MTP, but a quick look through Google gives the impression that Multicam is an American pattern…?

It is - there are half a dozen different variations about called MTP, BTP, ATP etc…from different manufacturers. You can tell the difference from a few feet away, but not from half way across a field.

The MTP stuff can change from one batch to another well - some of MTP CS95 stuff I had was very green in shade, and other bits much more brown dominated.

Personally I would suggest olive green rank slides - much more useful in a range/training environment, and then just getting rid when playing in the mud on a training area…

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A little bit of vomit just came up on seeing these!

I went OG. Coz I’m old skool ally with my new skool badge.

The Badge Fedz won’t be able to see me anyway in my epic cam!


I’m intrigued how many WO Aircrew RAFAC there are…

I want to know about the Master Aircrew…

How many ex RAF MA are there in the ACO/RAFAC and have they been wearing Tate&Lyles all these years
Will they get MA RAFAC badges even if in non flying roles as they were previously earned as per Regt mudguards

May only apply to a few but could be interesting

I doubt that there are actual stats on this.

I know of one from a neighbouring wing who has been badged as MAcr (ATC) - I see that as a misinterpretation of the rules and he should have been wearing standard T&L in the ATC role.

Surely, unless they are in an NCO aircrew role at a VGS/AEF, they wouldn’t be badged as MAcr under the new system.

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no NCO aircrew at an AEF unless they are AAC.

Please don’t class AEFs the same as VGS’ (in the nicest possible way of course). They are both separate entities with different rules and command chain.

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I consider both as external agencies that attempt to provide flying opportunities to cadets on a related syllabus.


“attempt” being the word of the day?


I’d prefer to use the phrase “gash” myself.