New RAFAC Commission - where is the new paperwork to apply?


With all the changes and new warrant in effect, what is the status with the RAFAC Commission application paperwork. At the moment we are still fixed with Pers form 2-01 which is specific to the VR(T) Commission. I do not believe it is appropriate to be applying for any commission without the correct referencing and updated information on the paperwork. Any know what is happening with this? When is it to be released? Is there any reason for the delay on this being communicated out. In addition most of the application paperwork related to years at school, which in my case was over 16 years ago and very limited to cover the real relevant experience I have over the last 10+ years in my work within the National Security and Defence domain. Is this to be revised also?


We’ve got at least 3 years before we can expect anyone to make changes like that.


Out of principle I don’t think it is correct to apply for a “Commission” on out of date paperwork, or am I wrong in my thought process?


I would raise this on the Valuing our Volunteers ‘Ask the Team’ site or alternatively on the Cadet Forces Commission.

But you won’t get a response until at least Friday as it’s Convention Week.


I see where you’re coming from - however, if you want your commission then you don’t really have a choice? Rightly or wrongly.


This is because the Pers 2-01 is an adapted version of the RAF Application form and therefore is focused on those under 25.

I recently went to OASC and your asked to fill a form out with similar details including jobs held, which they then use for the interview. As a 25 year old they only asked me about the past 6 years (since I started an Apprenticeship) for others the period was 10 years, but they were focusing on recent periods of significant employment etc.


The form is titled "Application for CFC service in the RAFAC " even if the description in the list still says VRT


It would be nice to have paperwork for grown ups.

May be one for 19-25 year olds and then one for those for whom school is long distant memory and has zero relevance as to whether they can do the job or not and not whether they were head boy/girl or in the 1st XV. Which really has the square root of zero as to how good you are at a job.


And I understand there is a shortage of Adult Volunteers, especially in uniform. Isn’t the application the first step to this - should it not be correctly geared for its audience? It does raise questions in how things work and if one is comfortable writing sensitive and detailed personal information on paperwork which is out of date and irrelevant for the purpose of both the applicant and the Cadet Force.


I do believe it a fundamental error in the application process and this needs genuine attention.


What is this convention week?


its the HQAC version of the chinese congress meeting…

all the head people attend and clap in sync.


and first one among the acolytes to stop clapping gets taken outside and selfied into submission


If only I knew I would have make a statement for actions that need urgent attention. :smiling_imp:


Realise this is an old thread, but does anyone have a copy of Pers 2-01 that formats correctly (i.e. tick boxes in the right place etc)?


I have the same problem as you obviously did, did you ever find a correctly formatted version of Pers2-01?


No, but I think the forms have been updated since, so the latest one on Bader might be better


Unfortunately the current PersForm 2-01 on SharePoint has not been fixed:(


I was told by my Sector Commander to get my OC to order them from Wing, he has done so, and they have sent them out, i’ve not got them yet but hopefully any day now…

Worth speaking to you Sector Commander or Wing HQ


almost as insulting as applying for one’s own CFM

please can I have a commissioning scroll?? you know that piece of paper I am entitled to??