New RAFAC Commission - where is the new paperwork to apply?


As it stands there is no new updated paperwork and someone has attempted to change the old one with simply replacing RAF VR (T) with RAF AC Commission, but not actually done a real update to the paperwork, as it evident from the date in the top right corner.

Furthermore, this attempted update has made the tick (check) boxes all move out of place so you wouldn’t know what your need to tick or complete.

My advise currently is complete the paperwork using the old VR(T) version (the orginal) and print out the 1st page of the “so called” revised one with RAF AC Commission and try to match it to what should be completed but still submit both. Eventually some one may notice and actually change that.

Also having people well over 30’s or 40’s complete details of what they did at school more than what they have done in the real world is quite embarrassing. I think it doesn’t matter if one has been working in the defence sector managing major projects as compared to what one did at school, being an average kid during those years.

I firmly believe that if there is change to be made then everything relevant ought to be considered and implemented upon when change is to be effective, or at least communicate a very clear timeline for all this.


My forms never arrived however…

I’ve now had my inital chat with the Wing Staff Development Officer
She’s chatted with the OC and we are going forward with the application

Pers Form 2-01,2-02,2-03 and a starter checklist (PAYE) from the gov tax website is what you need to apply.
The forms are in the Dcouments and Forms list on Sharepoint they are the most up to date ones, The link is now working as I have downloaded them myself today