New RAF Hair Policy

First seen on Twitter. When do you think it will make its way down to us?

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This is good news, should come to us pretty quickly, beards did.


This is great! I think it’s been known it was coming for a while. Should get down to us pretty quickly I reckon.

Now I’m dreading the comments on Facebook… :frowning:

Simple tip: avoid Facebook. Deleting it was a great decision.

Anyway I wonder if some of these choices will be allowed by males?


I don’t see why not. So long as it looks neat enough and isn’t causing a danger then all good IMO! :slightly_smiling_face:

Same as the americans then

A lot of peeps on twitter asking the same question I have, is this just for the female personnel?

Really great news.

I’m just pleased for the girls, as I couldnt tell you the number or female cadets who have either asked, or been put off cadets because they have to scrunch their hair right up in a bun.

Its 2021. Not 1951!

Brilliant news.
HQAC - bang out an IBN today. Formal reg changes can follow in slow time.


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The Royal Navy announced their changes to hair regs at the End of May with the sea cadets changing to match about 48hrs later.

I imagine the air cadets will be something similar.

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Has that Flt Lt ever plaited her hair before? It’s all wobbly and uneven!

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In fairness, I was wondering the same…
But then… maybe that’s after a day in the Office.

Bit like how I iron all my uniform for parade. Drive to Sqn, do an hours pre work. By the time I’m on parade, it’s not as neat as when I first put it on.


A positive change. That is RN and RAF. I wonder if/when the Army will follow.

Much of this has already made its way down to us.
IBN 49/20 was released last October and introduced (amongst other things) canerows, cornrows, twists, and braids as permitted hairstyles for all personnel, along with a new, non-religious, turban headwear option for anyone; and for hair to fall below the collar “on occasions (such as PT or when undertaking arduous activity)”.

This latest tweet does appear to suggest that ponytails are now permitted in normal circumstances too, and we are due for the next update towards a gender-neutral uniform policy any time soon.

Our IBN 49/20 followed the equivalent RAF IBN by 19 days.

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To be fair, if you’re not doing it every day, you may not be well practiced.

I suppose so! I get the joy twice a day at the moment, so am quick to pass judgement on quality of plaits!

They were probably given 5 minutes warning to let hair down, plait or ponytail for photos! It looks like it was done in a rush. I like the plait, the ponytail just looks a bit scruffy - says she who has her hair in a ponytail every day of the week :sweat_smile:

I’m sure there will be some in the RAFAC who will be against it.

Think I asked it first :kissing_heart:

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People in this organisation hate two things: Change, and the way things are.


“BuT wHaT iF tHeY hAvE tO wEaR a HeLmEt?”

Every female fast jet aircrew I’ve worked with, took their hair out a bun, and into a ponytail…

I enjoyed reading one about a man who into heavy metal, can he wear his hair long?

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