New JPA Service Numbers

Have the JPA service numbers been populated on VP yet? I can’t find mine.

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: There will be an IBN published with more detail on the delay once approved by Command Board. But there is a discrepancy in the advise from JPA that needs to be resolved before the import is completed.

How are the numbers being issued?

Date of joining?
Sqn number?

Is it worth me submitting marchs 1771 or wait for electronic?


They maybe need to amend the latest announcement then to remind people they can’t do anything until this happens. Also, most people haven’t used defence gateway before so it would be useful if they gave more information about creating an account as if you use your current service number it doesn’t work without ACO before the number!

Sorry. What has defence gateway got to do with our new service numbers

Read this.

I’m wondering if I’ll get my original ‘proper’ service number back - because thatv already exists in JPA (albeit from a long time ago!), or if I’ll find myself with a new and third service number…

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‘New and third’ has my vote…


I refer to the original IBN

The procedures for submitting claims for VA and expenses remain extant; although, the current paper-based system will be replaced by an online Bader process idc.

So yes, there is no change in the claim process at this time

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This was my thought… hope it doesn’t get rejected.

Did they approve today’s IBN which references the new service numbers when they knew we didn’t have them?

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Interesting as I didn’t need to do that. Not saying you’re wrong, just suprised they actually set up CCF(RAF) CFAV numbers to work.

I wonder how this is going to affect login now for those with existing access. Am I going to keep using my current DG portal login which is based on my existing number (and is my cadet mail address) or is it going to change?

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Some years ago the pool of service numbers at the time was ported to the defence gateway with ACO added as a prefix. Nothing was ever heard of since then, so I suppose it’s possible that subsequently numbers may have been pulled over without the prefix; or that the CCF, operating under Army overall, had a different system to us in the first place.

Mind you. My computer/service number on SMS is still showing my temporary CI number rather than the one I was issued when I commissioned so I don’t hold out any hope for them updating it to the new JPA one anytime soon considering its taken over 3 years so far to do this change

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We got our numbers issued by HQAC in the same way the ATC did.

I access with prefix of ACO.

Although there’s some kind of integration with Westminster built in by the looks of the things (or it might just be a link - I’m not sure).

As far as I recall it’s just a link to the normal Westminster landing page. Though, it’s been a while since I had a good nose about.

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This is highly likely - I’ve found out that my “new” one is the one that was previously issued to me whilst I was in the UAS.

If anyone is curious, you can find out what it is if you look at your Government Tax Account and looking at the payroll number on the JPA PAYE section.

I had a look on my tax account and could see MOD JPAC ARMED FORCES PAYROLL but with no staff number yet unfortunately. It will be interesting to see which number I end up with.

It should be appearing on SMS as a separate number next to our current service number AFAIK