New Bronze ATP Ground Based Training Equipment Syllabus

New IBN here.

To update RAFAC permanent staff, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) and Air Cadets on the new means of achieving a Bronze Aviation Training Package (ATP) award, through a new Ground Based Training Equipment (GBTE) course.

Anything that changes Bronze wings from being the “failed your scholarship” badge is only a good thing!


True, but means going from blue to bronze without any actual time in the air.

That feels a bit like a shooting badge for passing a WHT, or a radio badge without any time on air?


That is already a thing (or was under Covid)

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Bronze being you failed your scholarship is no different to the old scholarship system where Blue meant you hadn’t managed to Solo.

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Anyone know what equipment is needed to deliver this course?

Did anyone see any calling notice (or similar) to be involved with the following?

The new course has been assessed over the past year by Suitably Qualified and Experienced (SQEP) CFAV Instructors


This seems like the sort of thing you might be involved with, given your background… I assume because of your comment the first you heard of this was the IBN, as with the rest of us?


Also no. Would have been nice to be asked.

Maybe its because i never filled in my occupation on volunteer portal :joy: (pretty surr it wasnt an option an ive not gone back to check if they’ve updated it)

Well, mine has been listed on Volunteer Portal as “airline pilot” for quite a while - no contact.

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There’s probably an ACC flag on your account though


I do hope so! :wink:

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Yep, SkyGod still isn’t on the list :rofl:

There was no calling notice, as this was developed in collaboration with a few AGSs and the immerisve tech team. The implemention / delivery of this will be done by the AGSs.

The course in its present format will be done over 2 days . 1 day will be a how to taxi and fly a circuit including the required R/T calls etc. 2nd day is a navex where they will plan a sortie and then fly it to see if they fly their planned route etc.

It can still be subject to change depending on the outcome of the aerospace camp try out of goes first.

What equipment needs to be used?

Can this eventually be delivered on squadron?

Do i have to drive my cadets to a VGS/AGS?

Do i have to purchase/borrow a specialised piece of kit?

Not done the course but . . .

The flight Sims at AGS’s

Not at the moment and doubt it will for a while.


No, the course can only be run by Specially Trained Staff.

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No the understanding is it going to be delivered exclusively by AGS staff and not like blue where it can delivered at sqaudron level.

As you wiil see on the IBN it mentions about RAVNOs as there is possible moves afoot that the C2 of AGS will move from 2FTS and go to RCs and if that happens then they are looking to stand up more AGSs to esure adequate coverage through out the UK

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Spotted this morning, as to what the equipment will look like.

(Dont use this thread to start a uniform debate!)

Seriously? Can we not get a mock up of a cockpit to give it some realism?