New Bader Landing Site

Afternoon All,

The Bader Landing Site has gone through a refresh which has been released today at

Bader Hub article at Sign in to your account which explains what we have done in a little more detail.

Constructive feedback is welcomed and if anyone would like to help with contributing content, please contact me on Bader email or Teams :slight_smile:


Looks really good!


Yep! Freshened up for sure.

I am very glad that you use the term “I am a volunteer” in the top left picture. I hate the other term for me that I would never hear myself saying, i.e. " I am a CFAV"" sounds like something on the bottom of your shoe talking.

Looks good, nice and clean despite the volume of information needed.

Out of nothing more than idle curiosity, how often will the images change?

Very good.

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i like the clean lines, looks a lot more finished than before

“landing site” was exactly that - some old foyer which leads you to where you want to go, no one cares about

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I feel like the picture quality could be higher - particularly on the ‘I’m a Volunteer’ tab.

I do like the change though other than that.

Don’t disagree and glad this has come up - we will need to find some better images - ideally, I would like to do some new photos once we get back to f2f :slight_smile:

No idea - haven’t thought that far ahead :wink:

If anyone has any decent images which they can submit and the people in the photo are happy for them to be used on this kind of platform, by all means, send them through and we will have a look.

@james_elliott the new landing site looks great :tada:

Minor nitpick - the copy looks slightly off here:

“Learn how use of Bader can maximise your child’s cadet experience” maybe?

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And with the volunteer picture, could we not add a CI into that pic with maybe a padre?

I was debating the “the” :laughing:

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Nah, we wanted to include an image of the people that do the actual work :wink:

For clarity, I am obviously joking :wink:

I am very open to a nice inclusive picture with an officer, SNCO, WO, CI, Padre and a Civ Comm person- but we haven’t got any in the stock at the moment. Once we get back to a little more normality, I will find some willing victims and let one of the photographers loose to see what they can do.

Like I said, if you have any photos that you think would be suitable, please get in touch.

Yeah agree - task raised.


Typo - Wigston

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& 2020-2015?

Yeah got that one :slight_smile:

Always the problem, even with a few semi-pro and pro photographers as staff we’re usually all so busy during activities it’s close to impossible to get decent photos. Need to assign one just to do photos / video really.

There are some three “official” Corps photographers, with Bader email addresses (one FS, one Flt Lt, one Sqn Ldr)

(playing round with searching Outlook mail contacts shows up all sorts of excitement!)

I was thinking more that some of our volunteers do that stuff for a living but that’s an interesting find.

Really like the old look - and as a parent as well as CFAV (from Regd Civ Comm, CI, into uniform), I like how all three sections look! It’s a vast improvement and actually acknowledges parents as an important element too now. Great job!!
Could be worth mentioning something more in the ‘parent’ section about getting involved with Civ Comm to support their child/children’s unit? If they’re not already a volunteer, they may not feel that section is relevant to them, but always worth plugging Civ Comm as a start :wink: