New ACC Forum


Don’t do it on my account? I am only 1 bloke, if everyone else is happy then I will just crack on.

Are you sure about ARRSE? I am looking at it now on an IPhone and it doesn’t seem cluttered at all. It seems like a mobile version of the old style?
What’s the point in an Avatar if no one is going to see it? They look like square versions of what we have now?

I think the whole “like, dislike, funny etcetc” options they have for posts is spot on.
And the little weird logos along the bottom are a bit meh. Like some teenage blog. I hated Samsung for its stupid little icons that these remind me off for some reason.


Ah, was looking at the desktop version, I’ll check their mobile later.

That’s the beauty of this, the theme is easily changed and altered :smiley:


i perefer this layout to Arrse - and moreover, arrse has lots of stuff going on all the time, whereas here theres usually only a handful of conversations happening on any one day, so you simply don’t need access to 50 different topics at a glance.

big fan.


why…it is a forum not an app??

that i can accept there were “thanks” and “karma” in the old version…where have they gone? seems like a waste of time to have built them up if they dont carry across.
the “aircraft” type is also missing, or at least not readily available indicating post count. ok so i know post count doesnt = authority but MattB, GHE2, incubus, RAS, PapaN to name a few of the regulars all had significant input and say which was reflected now its all hidden…

ok fine…but if it is a forum for discussion, what features do we need?
a “room” to ask the appropriate topic related question
the ability to read, reply with quote and images, maybe file sharing/upload function, posts…and a PM function.

that is all a Forum needs, what other functions does a forum need…and how many people will actually use them?
if you mean the “likes” fine…but it isn’t shown next to a users avatar the number of their “likes” so halfhearted addition

well if that is the case why bother with anything over and above?

i come here for the discussion and more often than not find out things sooner than the Wing Grapevine or CoC not for the platform it is hosted upon



I see what you’re saying and indeed what features do we need! You have everything here that you used to have but more seamlessly integrated. The PM system is embedded into the software and features such as multi quote are now available. Those were the two main feature requests from the previous software.

What is this? A forum or an App? I’d say both. In modern computing that’s the new word for the same thing - an App is a program as is forum software.

The look and feel is the way it is to make usability standard across devices. If you look on this month’s Google Analytics stats nearly 50% of traffic was from non desktop devices.

The things such as likes or thanks didn’t mean a huge amount in reality, the new badge system rewards more than just posts, it includes time spent reading and frequency of visits to the site as well. The aircraft names have been preserved (to an extent) You can view them on the users’ profile card.

That aside the conversation is the point - let’s talk!



Some of us don’t like the appy type things. I only use my phone as ease of use, and my laptop doesn’t work, and it’s easier to take my phone into the toilet…

And Steve I Would like to thank you for thinking of me as actually putting in input. I just thought of it as gobbing off.


One item that would help - I cannot “scale” pages on mobile devices (IOS) = quite hard to read on the 'phone!


The link on the homepage (on mobile) still links to the old forum address, so you have to go through if you follow that link


I see, in the slider… So it does!

Thanks, I’ll get that fixed




All fixed - thanks :slight_smile: