New 3822


Has anybody else received the newly revised 3822? They are a lot thinner and seem to have all the relevant pages now added and some older ones removed.

What are the thoughts on these and is there probably a better option?


Yes, I have received a batch but they don’t seem a whole load thinner to me. They have been genericised a little, which is no bad thing: I have to do a lot less work to prepare one for issue and no longer need to use a pencil! :smiley:

I am sure there is a better way of doing things, and there is a working group in place looking at the options.


Would have been nice if they could have got the classifications right . . .


They’re alright but some of the mistakes are quite frankly unbelievable. I see someone has challenged the Corps Training Officer on it on the ‘Value our Volunteers’ Page on bader!:joy::joy:



Wasn’t too impressed with the reply tbh . . .


Thought 3822s were getting scrapped?


It’s time they were and issued with a photo ID linked to a card reader, these could be printed off for I’m sure 50p to 1 pound


Would be so much easier for cadets to wear on a lanyard, maybe they wouldn’t forget them as often


Don’t forget the 3822 is a record of service as much is it is an ID. In an ideal world i’d say issue a 3822 for RoS and a proper ID card for ID, but that more than likely wouldn’t happen due to cost.


We have Cadet Portal for that. Or at least will do soon.


We have Bader for that already.


We’ve always had paper that could be used as a record of service if the cadet really wanted one, rather than producing 3822s. However, it’s not the same as a physical book. Personally, i’d want to keep a 3822 (or similar) as it adds more sentimental value.


Well exactly. But cadets can’t see it (for the most part) so some forget it exists


I’d like them to have a ID card and all their info from a 3822 on the chip of the card. I’d learn all their names quicker then. And we can print off their achievements etc and put them in a end of service folder for them.


But do Cadets really need a book to tell them what they’ve done? Isn’t it more for Staff use and therefore it’s been made obsolete by Computers.


~And who on earth do you think are going to pay and provide those?!

It’ll be the whole internet thing all over again… Sqns have to sort out their own…


Im fairly sure ive read that this is actually being looked at. And being funded


We make a lot of the experiences etc cadets have and put in their 3822 and I for one look at mine every so often, do away with the physical book and that goes out of the window.
WRT card readers we have had several clocking in cards over the last 20 years at work, as they have upgraded software or changed the system. Could we get one system which would last for ages? In the world of IT I doubt it as a tech company that doesn’t change software and or hardware, isn’t going to last long. So if as suggested there is a move to fund card readers, all well and good until something changes and everyone needs a new card and or reader. Who will fund that? As @theunknown says it will come to CWCs having to buy it, because as we all know squadron funds are bottomless money pits.


I think an electronic ID would be folly, but a paper, card or plastic “dumb” membership card would provide the ID function.

SMS holds the history and that will only get more thorough; definitely more so that my cadets’ current 3822s! We just need diligent staff to keep it so. The cadet portal will give the cadets access to that history and should come with an “export” function to save a summary off to a file or to print it. Like a cadet CV, but useful and accessible.