NCO to Officer... but what about

You often hear of NCO’s deciding they would quite like a commission… and going for the change. But has there ever been a case of an officer deciding they want to become an NCO? Is it even possible?

Just a bit of Friday curiosity!

I’ve never heard of it happening - interesting question though.

You would have to resign your commission, then apply to be an SNCO

Never heard of it happening

If that was the case, would time served count in the same way that SNCO service is taken into account when you commission the other way around?

For CFC? I guess so. For promotion? Nope!

You never used to be able to, I think when we had VRT commissions. I think that has been removed and it is possible now.

Had a WO go Plt Officer then back to FS in the space of a year… They key was not passing through ATF as you only became officially after that, the guidance at the time was one ATF was done as an Officer, NCO would be off the cards as they held a commission

Quite right too, life is about bettering yourself :rofl:#bants


i am sure i read it can be done in an ACP - by permission via the CoC but is basically resign commission and board for SNCO

it would probably take me all afternoon to find that reference though

Why would someone do this?
Only scenario I can think of is the one @AlexCorbin mentioned…

Or someone commissions, is a white tab and it isnt working out so they get boarded and moved to snco cadre.

But if it osnt working out, why would the org let them stay in uniform?

I think a far better system in future would be for everyone to start as an SNCO Sgt and to progress via SNCO to WO, then commission.

Ensures maximum experience in the Commisoned cadre.

Would also help ‘right size and shape’ the adult rank structure.

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Is there not a danger of a bottle neck at the WO level? Especially if, as suggested elsewhere, NCO rank was more closely tied to role held.

Oh please no!!!

The good old days was either commission or SNCO with the odd person taking a commission after a good number of years as a WO but honestly the ones that I saw were better suited as NCOs.


I’ve seen this happen too…

no no no

i am fully against this as it basically makes Sgt a “training rank” - there are arguments it is already, but training to be a SNCO.

but it will be seen as “get a taster for uniform” and will tarnish the good work of established Sgts

there will be this full stop.

i can mention a few names who are current OCs who have less than 4 years experience in uniform, they either have the desire or thirst (or the right person at the wrong time) to be a OC quickly after appointment.
although this system means there is significant experience for every officer what happens to those units who have persons keen for OC but can’t being the junior rank…makes a mockery of the rank structure if a Sgt with <3 years experience is an OC when there are a handful of longer serving and senior ranking staff on unit


This happens already… We have all sorts of rank weirdness.

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What about those who had held say, FS\WO in the regulars\reserves or was a regular\reserve officer before joining RAFAC?

Or start all newbies (except former real SNCOs and officers) off as sgt, then select the best for commission route. Can fast track certain civvy quals that would make applicant eligible for commission route in regulars. Takes too long to get to WO. Besides, do squadrons and detachments really need half-a-dozen adult WOs? Waiting for CFAVs to reach WO will create a bottleneck for commissions.

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I’m an officer but (despite banter to the contrary) I dislike this attitude that officers are “better” than NCOs. It’s a different skill set


Exceptions as now.

So do I.
Very much.

People here do know that in the regulars NCOs can commission? And often do.

Its only an idea. We definitely need more uniform staff in this org. Ideally more NCOs.

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