MyRAFAC - Cadet mobile app for iOS and Android

We have published the first information on the MyRAFAC mobile app which is being developed in conjunction with the RAF Appivate Team. The purpose of the app is to provide an identity document, demonstrate currency of qualification (think WHTs etc) and parental consent for events and activities for cadets.

App will eventually be available to all cadets via Apple iOS and Android.

You can read all about it and get a glimpse of some screenshots from the initial development at the link below:

@Ben_Wakefield and I will be very happy to take questions on here either publicly, via DM or email/Teams.


This project also provided an opportunity to develop a MOD-approved unescorted pass for cadets - something that the 3822 doesn’t currently provide formally.

Anything for CIs? :stuck_out_tongue: Those membership cards are completely ignored anywhere I’ve been to.

Also, my biggest question here, if this app is done correctly could it not do everything that cadet portal can currently do, and more? Thus removing the need for cadet portal. Or indeed just calling the app cadet portal?

Not at the moment but it could be done in the future - the app has been built with expansion in mind.

MyRAFAC will compliment CP, not replace. In the future, we would like to integrate some aspects of CP, but that will be later on after the initial launch.

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The article states that a cadet will sign in using their current Cadet Portal details, (great, single sign-on) but that they will not “be required to sign in every time”. How are we then keeping the data held within the app secure?

Will the app periodically prompt the cadet to re-authenticate with their Cadet Portal login, or are we tying in with a phone’s built in security & identity features such as fingerprint and pin lock?


@james_elliott will this (and the ID function) be supported with a physical card or is the aim to be 100% digital?

Pretty sure the MOD as a whole are wanting to move over to digital ID so I’d assume it’s the latter.

All of the above - regular time outs and making use of phone security features.

The app will sync the data when the cadet is logged in - so offline access is available. Currency ‘up-to-date-ness’ will be visually displayed.

Digital where possible - but appreciating that not all cadets have access to a device. We are working closely with the defence security apparatus to ensure that cadets who do not have a smartphone still have a way of entering an establishment with a suitable pass mechanism.


I like the idea of this - so please don’t think I’m anti. But I do have a few concerns regarding the app being ID. Obviously you’ve covered off the ‘if cadets don’t have a smart phone’. But what about when you go places where phones can’t be taken, phone screens are smashed beyond recognition, parents confiscate it or (as is regularly the case) the phone goes flat. Do we just get all cadets the alternative option as well, to cover all bases? Just have visions of a cadet getting challenged by RAF police in the middle of a camp, going to show ID and the phone is flat. My last camp to Odiham the 30+ cadets had access to about 4 sockets to charge phones, so most were left flat in their bags.

Lets be realistic, the vast morjority of the time they will be directly supervised by a CFAV anyway. Cadets don’t require an ID currently. Even with a digital “unescorted pass” who’s going to allow cadets to wander freely around an military site?


On camps they might go off to the shop in the evening, or another similar facility. Also, at Odiham the toilets and showers were away from the main camp site - I certainly didn’t escort them there each time!
You also have to remember some Sqns are based on stations - I’ve been on two. Cadets always made their own way on base and didn’t get let on without their 3822.

People keep saying this, but every time I’ve taken cadets to an RAF station they have been required to show their 3822. So although everyone seems to be saying it’s not an ID, it seems those manning gates on military establishments see it differently :woman_shrugging:t3: Last trip to Brize at the end of last year, one had forgotten his 3822 and we had to queue in the guardroom to get a pass.


So…same answer to flat batteries?


I guess - but will get a bit boring constantly returning to the guardroom each time another phone goes flat. Or queueing half a coach load up on arrival - the speed guardroom IT works, could take all day just to get passes sorted.

I feel like this is a non-issue tbh (or at least a very-edge case).


Last time I I took Cadets away they had about 30 charging packs between 14 Cadets.

I suspect that Staff are more likely to be the ones with flat batteries than the Cadets.


As I said, just concerns based on situations I’ve been in. I very much like the idea of an app and had wondered why portal wasn’t an app in the first place.

App will eventually be available to all ATC cadets via Apple iOS and Android.


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It really does undermine the Commandant’s claims that we’re one RAFAC


The problem is, the fix is either

  • We move to BADER, and we can no longer work as a combined cadet force
  • We stick with WESTMINSTER, and we can’t work as #oneRAFAC
  • We expect CCF CFAVs to do everything twice.
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I have quite a few external battery packs that you plug into your devices to recharge. Maybe ask those that have them to bring them? Nothing worse for a cadet than having a flat battery, especially for long days.

But CCF are already required to enter their cadets onto Bader. I know it’s hit and miss as to whether that actually generates an ultilearn account but if you’re not putting them onto Bader how are you doing the classification assessments?
I find Bader takes a fraction of the time to add the qualifications to compared to Westminster as the UI is a lot better so it’s not that much more work.