MTP Shirts



I know this thread is a little old, having read the thread and then looking at your dress regs I assume the barrack shirt has not yet been “accepted” by the RAF?

Yet I just typed into google MTP RAF and find loads of pictures of RAF officers (some very senior) wearing this shirt, have things changed and dress regs not been updated or are these senior officers just ignoring regs?


The first two at least are original S95 shirts in MTP. You can tell by the button hole in the collar.


The wording was something along the lines of “although the RAF do not allow for the barrack style shirt in their dress regs, given the nature of private purchase of No 3 dress the barrack shirt is permitted for cadet forces”


Yep im sure it says something along the lines that it was purchased in “good faith”. The laugh is i only see staff wearing them, who should have known they were not allowed before the dress regs changed.

I personally think they look awful and am quite happy with my mk2 shirt. It has to be -30 before i consider putting the god awful smock on (despite the gucci hand warmers)


I just read the line “It is therefore permissible for RAFAC personnel to wear the barracks shirt” and went with that, and yes I did buy it on purpose!


I bought mine when it was still arguablu ambiguous whether they were permitted. (I never had the argument in fact.)

I then continued to wear it after they were unambiguously banned because the only effective way in this organisation to protest against poor policy these days is seemingly to ignore it.


Or just flat out refuse to comply!