MTP Shirts


Hi all,
I’ve just bought two MTP shirts to go with my other one (always nice to have a few spare) and I noticed that my original one says tropical, one of them says warm weather and the other says temperate. What’s the difference?



material thickness and a slight change in the colour one is darker


Funnily enough, I was asked the same question by a cadet not long ago. Looking for an answer, I came across this:

Army Rumour Service

Post #8 specifically.

TLDR: The mix of polyester to cotton is slightly different, which makes the warm weather shirt up to 100% more breathable.

Also, if the tropical shirt is the same as the old CS95 shirt, apparently we’re not allowed to wear them…


Wouls you stop cadet bloggs if they got one since we dont issue any mto?


Just checked. Original one says ‘SHIRT 2, MTP, WARM WEATHER’ not tropical. Anyhow thank you very much


Me? I don’t give 2 hoots - if a cadet has to buy their own uniform, I don’t care what type or pattern it is, as long as it does the job it’s meant to.

I own one, and think they are more comfortable to wear, and look smarter than the other versions - but I don’t write rules…


I have to agree that I prefer the CS95 cut MTP shirts, although I wouldn’t ever buy and wear one in fear of the attention from other people (which I get from wearing an old style stable belt with greens) - call me nostalgic or what! :joy:


Where does it say we can’t wear the CS95 cut shirts/trousers made from MTP material?


So long as I have to purchase my No.3 uniform and not have it issued, I’ll buy what does the job and what I feel comfortable in.

Badge police\uniform loons don’t like it? Tough. I’ll listen politely to their concerns, remind them that there’s far more important things going on in the world worthy of their time and attention, then walk away leaving them frothing at the mouth.


Can’t give you chapter and verse, but yes I’ve definitely seen in print, and yes I’ve seen it in action - courtesy of some stick wielding sub-human.

There was a fair degree of contempt on public display for the attitude, actions and words of said stick wielding sub-human - but nothing that suggested it was factually incorrect.


AP1385C, Para 0225, section d.

MTP Barrack shirts - the S95 style MTP shirts are not authorised by the RAF, so we can’t use them either!

Technically, my shirt label says “Jacket, Combat, Tropical”, but looks exactly like the Barrack shirt. I wear it around the Sqn, and until the CFC came into force, I wouldn’t wear it on an RAF camp… :wink:


I have two tropical shirts and the “pattern” is the same as the Temperate shirt, ie the pockets that everything falls out of. The difference is that the tropical shirts do not have those useless pockets in the sleeves and they are impregnated with insect repellent that will last 50 washes.


That’s interesting!

My tropical shirt is the MTP CS95 type. It isn’t impregnated with insect repellant, but my warm weather shirts are the PCS type, and they do have the insect repellant.

I guess there are several variations, depending on the contract they were made under!


The Army Air Corps were at our place a couple of weeks ago (Wales) and they were wearing tropical PCS so I wouldn’t get too excited about it.


I was at Middle Wallop on Monday and every single person was wearing the CS95 cut MTP.


Anything to do with that fact that it’s an Army base? (Army being allowed to wear this cut - RAF aren’t yet)


in so far that its interesting that, given the choice, Soldiers prefer to wear the CS95 top rather than the PCS one, perhaps it might inform the RAF that they could win some brownie points with their staff for the price of buttons…


But it is againsts our regulations and our NCO cadre will get very excited about regulations. They like nothing better than belittling cadets who have had to purchase the wrong jacket light weight.


Isn’t that because the RAF generally has no tactical need to wear MTP around camp? In theory, the only time they have to wear MTP is on operations, for which they will need to wear PCS??

I guess the Barrack/Tropical Shirt is the Army Version of a working blue shirt…?

Don’t ask me why we are forbidden to wear them, though!


The RAF decided not to buy into that option, so their dress regulations do not include (permit) it for RAF personnel.

As we are slave to the RAF dress committee and copy large sections of their manual into ours verbatim, the same restriction applies to RAFAC personnel.

It is a stupid rule and we need to distance ourselves somewhat from the RAF’s dress regulations (which they seem to ignore frequently anyway) and be able to make sensible decisions based on practicality, availability and common sense. Keep the essence and overall intent, but make it possible to actually follow!