MTP and green jumpers

When I was a Cadet I used to occasionally wear a green ACF jumper with my ATC ranks slides when I was wearing greens. This jumper was the same as an Air Cadets blue uniform jumper (colour aside). Is it a violation of regs to wear such a jumper with MTPs?

No 3 SD should have either the lightweight jacket (or barrack shirt), smock, of waterproof as an outer layer.
There is nothing to stop someone from wearing a green wooly pully underneath one of those outer layers for added warmth, but it shouldn’t be worn on the outside and therefore no need for rank slides.

Though, these days there are lighter, more comfortable options available for layered warmth.


They do look good mind, especially when paired with a barrack shirt

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I bloody love my barrack shirt

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I’ve got to get me one of those - my sleeves being slightly too long because of the random pockets on the PCS lightweight jacket is beginning to drive me mad-der.

Brand new one for a tenner in ebay!

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Do you ever sport it with a jumper?

I love my barrack shirt also - they’re so fantastically light and comfortable especially in the summer


I have a green woolly pulley for the office. Our squadron is always freezing, and I don’t see the need to wear a smock inside, so I wear a jumper with my barrack shirt.

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Just no. That jumper should be left in the 80’s where it belongs.


Surprising how many Army guys ( and gals) still do opt for this as Barrack dress, instead of jacket.

Over or under the shirt?

tucked into the underpants!

Out and proud. I even have proper wrong rank slides!


Does cover a non ironed shirt

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Dress regs for certain units actually require the Jersey Wool Heavy worm as a barrack dress between winter months. You aren’t allowed to just wear a shirt.

45 Cdo and associated Army Units have to wear the JWH with red and black flashes during the winter months.

Looks pretty smart, when correctly fitted and dressed. I remember being issued JWH as a form of warm clothing rather than just barrack dress.

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Over. The best option is the old DPM style shirt in MTP. Collar out, and to look extra crisp, use a shoelace through the JWH collar to cinch it in a bit.
PCS is horrendous anyway but is even worse under a JWH. Plus the collar is gash on PCS.

The sooner we ditch that awful PCS the better.

Stable belt outside the jumper though? And rank on a brassard? Our old SSI (ex-WO1 in the Paras) used to do that, looked amazing.

Oh my goodness, I think I just threw up in my mouth.
God no. No belts. Belts don’t go on the outside. Belts are there for holding trousers up.

No brassard. Just rank slides for Officers or the rank sewn on the arm.