Mornington Crescent 2 - Return of the track

Hi all

As we all have a lot of free time now (allegedly) I thought I’d start up a new game of Mornington Crescent using the revised edition “Return of the track”

Hopefully you’ll play along with me and we can get a good game going.

Please note that this edition removes the old overpowered Bakerloo Gambit move and also limits the number of overground station access pass moves you can make from 12 to 10, making it a little harder to swap lines and achieve the network extension modifier.

I’ll start with Alperton.

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Without the Bakerloo gambit we’re in danger of being in knid for playing DLR stations too often, so I’ll kick in with Customs House so we can get to the ExCel / Nightingale Hospital just in case things go south…

Oh strong counter move, I like it.

I reckon I can go straight to Colindale from there though. No carriage inversion needed.

I was never a fan of the Bakerloo Line Gambit and always preferred the more modern yet still somehow defunct East London Line ploy, I will therefore stay in that neck of the woods and go Plaistow.

ARE YOU MAD??? Clearly you are.

Plaistow to Mile End. Don’t question the decision. Just get over it.

Barbican - to remain in line with the Bakerloo gambit seems as safe a bet as any

Dammit! If you hadn’t used Barbican I could have been within 3 moves of Mornington Crescent. I guess you saw my Euston-Green Park-Westminster plan and so I’m forced now to chose Maida Vale in the new BBC Studios plot.

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Barbican to Temple. There to deploy the Inns of Court clarification scheme to check the validity of this “Bakerloo Gambit”

Temple to Great Portland Street…

I have no idea what we are trying to achieve here, guess we’re off to Mornington Cresent?

What is the Bakerloo Gambit?

/off topic

This is a throwback!!! And I still dont have a clue!

/on topic


I think you mean “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”, but that aside as soon as someone gives us anything between Tyburnia and Bayswater I’m on the Cross Country to Taunton and sod the lot of ya.

Great Portland Street to Liverpool Street for some breakfast in the Polo Bar.

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I’ll see your Liverpool Street and raise you a Fenchurch Street in a particularly bold Monopoly move.

Ah. The lesser seen Monopoly move. Quite bold really. I’ll use a Day Rover and get us to Grenwich

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Victoria line to Westminster? Don’t mind if I do

But elections being suspended this year means that under the 2017 Cameron amendments that move to Westminster is invalid. So I’m going to say Vauxhall.

O I’ve been waiting for this to resurface.

And on that Nautical Theme… Riverboat Service (RB6) to Embankment

I’m going to use the little known “Nearest to the RAF Club” provision as laid down on the act of 1981 to use Down Street Station.

Time for a Swedish Shuffle to Pimlico

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Time to make use of the Deep Level Air Raid Shelter @ Clapham South, in line with the well known 1941 Blitz drill.

Hopefully this whole thing blows over by the time we reach MC

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With the Winchester Barricade being outlawed by the Pfeffel Convention, I take to Shepherd’s Bush for a shooing and a shoeing from The Met courtesy of an impromptu holiday picnic.