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I’ve edited a post here for swearing. It probably no longer makes sense as rather than replacing swearing I just deleted the words. I’m not going to bother in future, if you can’t be bothered to stick to the AUP and use language other than swearing, I’m not going to waste my time editing it to make it acceptable again - it will just be deleted. I’ll put a post up elsewhere so we can discuss this.

Going forward this is what I’ll be doing. The simple answer is if you don’t like it, don’t break the AUP.


Are you going to maintain a list of words you consider verboten?

If the words are blocked out I can’t see the problem and we can play a missing words game. Sometimes an expletive more properly indicates someone’s feelings than other words. I’ve sometimes used ‘damn’ and it was blocked out which amuses me, as it harks back to the era HQAC still live in.
It amuses me also that it would seem the only really taboo word in society is the “c” word, everything else seems to be no holds. Saturday Night Fever (1977) was an X rated film, only because John Travolta said the ‘f’ word, we went to see that as 13/14 year olds and were left wanting. Compare that to Deadpool (2016) which I thought was dreadful film and could have been condensed into 20-30 minutes and lost no content, which as a 15, means the vast majority of our cadets could go and see it without mum/dad and I know of much younger who went to see it. Over my relatively short lifetime what people might regard as standards have gone through the floor. I bought records in my youth as they had naughty words in them, but never played them very loud as mum and dad would have been none too happy. Fast forward a generation and our children played similar, expecting to shock us, it didn’t. The biggest shock was our son went through a spell of liking the ‘rap’ rubbish (he grew out of that), which IMO is the musical equivalent of D&V. So you have wonder if filters have any real relevance. The language would be no worse than what people use, hear on the High Street. Some of the things you hear some parents say and then their children repeat it, are real eye openers. On the whole people on here are pretty restrained, given the feelings, situations and problems faced.

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They already are. There’s a swear filter installed by @DJRice but I don’t know the full list on it.

It would be nice to see and option to lock a post it the originator is happy that the post has been answered rather than it just go on and on… only a thought

Some people PM us to ask for that, which is an option. Not sure if the posters can do that themselves. We occasionally do that when we see it too.

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Sorry, had to delete off topic posts (as much as I agreed with one of them).

pEp - why are you and Batfink the only ‘bobbies on the beat’? Where have the rest of them gone?

If only I knew…

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Hi, the list of words is kept up to date by me, it’s not a huge list, but the main ones are blanked out.

I’ll check the current functionality of the site to see if regular members can marked their topics as ‘answered’ and lock them down.

I don’t know either, but both @pEp and @Batfink do an excellent job keeping things in order!



There’s a Discourse plugin that allows OPs to check a box to say that a topic has been solved.

Yeah, just looked at that, but it doesn’t seem to allow the locking of the thread once answered, but it would be trivial for the team to lock them down afterwards - if it’s required.

Do we want the plugin?


It’d be a help given that most questions here escalate into pointless rubbish, not going to lie there…

Maybe a new thing saying that posts can be locked at the OP’s request, no questions asked?


seems like a fair solution to the problem - I’ll get it installed - If the site is down for a bit then that’s why!

*** Installed and working Answered Topics