Answered Topics

Dear users,

The ACC Forum has a new feature!

Any topic can now be marked as 'Answered / Solved’.

When a question is asked the Topic Original Poster can select the reply that answers the question and mark it as such.

At the bottom of the post that answers the question click the 3 dots then click the checkbox :ballot_box_with_check: and the topic is then marked as Answered or Solved.

The topic will then, after an hour, be automatically closed.

Hope you like it!?! All feedback, as ever, greatly received.




What is subsequent information (better supplier, general circumstances, change of RAFAC policy, etc) requires the thread to be updated / amended? Then a new thread would have to be started, with no easy reference to the previous one.

I think you can just untick the box and make it unlocks it.

Not anyone else to unlock it??

A mod or admin can unlock it.

If you create a new/related topic, you can link it back to the original.