Model Paint and Kits - Sources and Tips

A well-known online retailer charging twice the going rate for aero modelling paint, when non essential retail is closed so I can’t go to my local model shop to restock. GMG.

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Name and shame, this ain’t the BBC.

Supply and demand…
There is a shortage of paints for modelling… my local model shop has been waiting for deliveries for months.

That said you need to check the postage costs…
A lot of the issues with modelling paint supply costs are regarding paint especially enamels as they cannot go via Royal Mail as they need to be sent via courier a lot of smaller retailers don’t abide by the rules but Amazon do as does others, Sovereign hobbies explain better here…

I usually use Citadel paints, but those have never been available on Amazon and people just keep giving my Amazon vouchers. I’m thinking about switching to Vallejo.

Does dulux not cover it?

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Well… I do know someone who uses Dulux
On their models very well…

But his are a touch bigger :joy::joy:

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My spanking new kitchen does feature some humbrol gloss white on touch up areas

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I use mostly Vallejo for airbrushing, the dropper bottles make it a lot easier to decant the paint into the brush.

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I’d not put it past some of my Cadets to try!

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Not had any joy with them for brush painting but good with an air brush. But I like rattle cans for pre shading.

Might be that. I can’t get to my local shop, but even with delivery from another place I’ve used before same items cheaper than the big river named online store.
It is the 100% price hike since lock down that annoys me.

My local model store (15 minutes away) changed hands, and only does a small selection of things now, focusing on warhammer and similar.

The next nearest is in a different county, and they’re still in tier 2, while I’m now in tier 4.

I used to love being sent to a hearing in Horsham. They had an independent board game shop and independent modelling shop in the centre of town where I spent far too much money. No idea if they are still there.

Did you know we can approach games workshop. D join the schools league. A box of paints and miniatures for free

I tried that, and they said no, schools and scouts only?

Really. I got 3 sets. 1 for wing,1 for my
Squadron and 1 for another squadron. T

When abouts? I asked a while back.

2 years ago I got the main packs. Then emailed about 2 months ago to get the yearly 10 miniatures and I just need to go pick up.

I have approached a few companies and gotten a few bits and pieces. I know a few others have as well.

Just in case someone doesn’t know…
Airfix run project Airfix…
It’s a highly discounted opportunity to buy set airfix packs. It runs on and off through out the year and you can register your interest here: