Master cdt age change

So ACTO 1 to be updated and Master cadet min age changed to 15.
Is this the first step towards the process in removing 18 year olds plus?

15 year old min is better… in my opinion… so long as we dont have cadets being given all exam access at 15 and being a master cadet on their 15th Birthday.
Just saying that as its important cadets are taught the stuff properly.

Will this allow them to claim the BTEC at 15 as well?

Edit: yes it does

Is updated.

Was just going by the IBN…

in my personal experience i think this is unlikely.

how many examples do we have of Cadets aged 15 years 360 days waiting a week to get their MAC??

by reducing the minimum age it also reduces the available time to achieve it.

I am not saying it isn’t possible.
Start at 12,
first class by 12.5
Leading by 13.5
Senior by 14.5
MAC squeezed in by passing first time? possibly?

although i can see the logic as it allows things to be acheived sooner

under the former system those MAC Cadets would be hanging around for four years until they reach 20 with no classification training to work towards and instead would be utilised into MOI and teaching the subjects.

the reduced minimum age, and potential reduced maximum age to 18 only shortens that window by a year. yes it is one year less to keep these cadest occupied but not a “game changer”

Where can this be found? Like what version is it

Live version of ACTO 001 ver8 on sharepoint and the IBN 005-2019 that accompanied it.

This seems reasonably sensible as it brings completing classifications before formal exams, which always becomes a bit of a point as you lose cadets to mocks, revision and in our area Saturday revision classes from November to June.

Whether or not it is stage one to reducing the maximum cadet age who knows, but it would be the sensible next step.

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Cant find anything on sharepoint referencing a minimum age for MOI.
does such a thing exist or am i missing something.
Is attending Moi only dependant on being master cadet.

ACTO 22 (“RAFAC METHODS OF INSTRUCTION COURSE”) doesn’t state an age, merely “For a cadet to be eligible for this course and assessment, they should be a Master RAF Air Cadet.” and that would seem to be the policy.

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Significant change regarding MOI is also coming… keep an eye out in the next few months

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Any hints? Should I be pushing cadets through now or is it better to wait for the new regime?

God I hope we get to a point where it’s not linked to classifications. If NCO’s could do MOI much earlier it would be far more realistic. (You know the Cpls teaching First Class don’t actually need Master to deliver the Training!)


Good to know a change is coming.
But, wouldnt it be great if this sort of info was promulgated!..

Thanks for ACTO info on MOI. Missed that entirely!! Must be going blind.

The problem is that important ‘wheat’ gets lost in all the ‘chaff’ that is constantly generated!!

This is why we need a proper system for promulgation of actual changes, like we used to have in the old days for amendments to AP1919, and various ACPs.
You should have to rummage through the SharePoint bran tub to find things.

Instant mail drop all OCs/relevant parties when a new IBN is announced?

But even then the filter comes on of read it and forget it, like happens with all emails if it is not directly relevant to you. Happens at work all the time we all get an email and it’s relevant to some and not others, the latter read and forget. We also have a system whereby dept mgrs. and HoDs get emails and they are supposed to tell us things and don’t, purely because they see it read it and forget to tell us.

So you want a proper system to tell you when new things come through, and that prevents you from forgetting it after you’ve read it…

One of the problems with email vs “the letter” is a letter has to be physically opened and looked at there and then, an email when you have a number of them with attachments or links the tendency is to scan and then think I’ll go back to it, by which time you’ve had another load.
One of my mates who has his own business with says he regularly ignores emails from people speculating for jobs with attachments, whereas if it’s done by post because he’s had to open it, he reads it.

With cadet ones I tend to forward them to the staff … for them to ignore.