Masks indoors?

Looking at the National Aerospace Camp photos on social media, I’m guessing the rule on wearing masks indoors has been lifted, but HQAC just haven’t told sqns yet?

One rule for them, one for the coal face.

If the rule hasnt changed.
The directors of that event should all be demoted.


I think all the photos and videos I’ve seen of indoor activities have had cadets and staff wearing masks 🤷

Tents/marquees count as outdoors, I believe (assuming that’s what you’re referring to)

Hence why pubs were using so many of them when there were restrictions on indoor drinking

So…if we put up our marquee in the main hall?

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only if they have two completely open sides.

My wing posted a photo this week of all the WSOs indoors in a standard parade hall, none of them were wearing masks.

Beds and Cambs wing have just posted some unmasked indoor pics as well!

Social distancing can be ignored as well, if you can’t fit everyone into a group photo apparently!

I don’t get it. Go out and masks are now a request but no enforcement.
Someone at HQAC needs to read/watch/listen to the news or just go into the real world.


A phrase most of us have either thought or said daily, about HQAC, regarding…EVERYTHING.


For many years, not just recently.
You constantly wonder about their thought processes, decision making or mostly not making and logic they apply to things.
Lord above knows how they got on when they were in the RAF proper and faced with problems that needed addressing immediately, as if they acted like this it seems to have deserted them on becoming permanent staff in the Air Cadets … “Go on take the money and run” as Steve Miller sang.


I have been. Cases are still very high, event closures, outbreaks linked to events and venues, and daily deaths are consistently back in triple figures. Councils are “bracing to manage COVID as schools return” and concerns about Norovirus.


In public maybe but not at my work…my employer still requires us to be mask wearing anywhere that isn’t our own desk, canteen or in meeting rooms where spacing can be achieved.

As such I’ve no issue wearing on at Squadron it doesn’t appear “overkill” to me…

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It doesn’t appear overkill to an adult, I agree.
But, to a cadet, who only ever has to wear a mask to go to parade nights, it’s a massive turn off.

We expected to lose cadets over lockdown, and return with a small number. Thinking that numbers would slowly increase as we got back into things.

In fact, the opposite has happened. There has been a steady trickle of cadets leave because, “Its not the same as before”.


Daedalus Mess at Cranwell has a notice on reception from the Stn Cdr stating that all rules at Cranwell remain unchanged for now - that included masks on at all times in the mess unless in own room or eating/drinking.

MOD hasn’t changed. We have to wear masks when moving around inside; only allowed to remove when at place of work.

If on vehicles, masks worn. And the number allowed on MT transport is still limited; unlike comment made in recent Return to F2F from HQAC :man_shrugging:t2:

Deleted off topic posts.

Yikes, couldn’t they just be moved. I know we’re bad for it, but it’s like a chat down the pub… you start on one thing and the conversation meanders.

We went to talk about masks, we end up discussing in extreme detail, something else!

I did see a gripe about masks at NAC
, and in fairness I thought things looked pretty tight on this.

There is so much room for interpretation I think we are between a rock and a hard place.

Some updated, explicit, guidance would be helpful.

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Equally true for CFAV too…


Masks are a minor thing now. The “it’s not the same” goes much, much, much deeper into the heart of the organisation’s ills, crafted over the last few years by poor initiative and leadership at the top, which has been amplified over the last 18 months.

We are starting Legion meetings tomorrow and the club we use have said masks are down to personal choice. Which apart from some workplaces as cited seems to be the general norm. Shops etc, which are workplaces do not seem to have blanket enforcement for the staff. Why we can’t have ‘restrictions’ on a personal choice basis couldn’t do us any harm?

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