Mandatory Training

Looks like someone has been listening. Anyone else seen the new how to guide which lists the mandatory training for staff?

But no mention of Padres on that guide…

Guess they must already know it all?

Edited to add: And do staff cadets need to complete ACTO 10 training? I thought it was just for those people who may be in a position to approve an activity?

Or service instructors


Did suggest it to them publically.

No. It’s checked in the table in ACTO99 but the note & IBNs do not require staff cadets to complete it. They IBNs do, however, specify it’s mandatory for all CFAVs.

Note 15: ACTO 10 e-learning.
Applicable to ATC and 2 FTS. See IBN 018/019 – 2019. The IBNs require all squadron/detached flight [commanders], wing and regional staff officers to complete the ACTO 10 e-learning course through Ultilearn to ensure that they are trained, current and competent to authorise low risk to life events.

Given that the ACTO was published after the IBN’s, and that IBN’s are only temorary policy until an ACP/ACTO/whatever else can be approved and published, follow ACTO 99 rather than the IBN’s.

ACTO99 says to see the IBNs

Yes, IBN 18 - 2019 says the ACTO 10 course is mandatory for all CFAV, It does not say that Staff Cadets do not need to undertake the course.

It’s marked on the table as a course that staff cadets are required to do.

Perhaps, but I think it’s just ambiguous to be honest.

Is that because it doesn’t suit you?

The course takes hardly any time at all to complete - why wouldn’t you want to do it? Saves you doing it later.

I’ll share these ACTO 99 aide memoire’s again if anyone finds them useful. I’ve updated them for v7.0 of ACTO 99.

ACTO99 (v7.0) Guides (Officer, SNCO, CI & Staff Cadet)


No, it’s ambigious because it’s subject to interpretation.

I’ve already completed it so it makes zero difference to me.

But it’s not ambigious. it’s marked on the Staff Cadet Column so is required. If Staff Cadets didn’t have to do it then it wouldn’t be marked.

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Is the real question here;

Are Staff Cadets CFAVs?

Because, if approved by their OC they can run events on their own, so I would say yes.

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No, because they pay subscriptions. Therefore are not “volunteers”

Another reason perhaps why they shouldn’t pay subscriptions is we sometimes treat them like volunteers.

A very well presented document - just a pity about the blatant spelling mistake…


I think that depends on your interpretation of “See IBN 018/019 – 201”. The rest of the document uses "See " to (in my eyes) refer to the document with the overarching policy which is the authority on the matter. For example, it says all personnel need first aid training but ACTO8 lists exemptions.

It also contains errors such as stating I need to complete a BPSS when ACP20 clearly states I do not, so I wouldn’t be surprised if staff cadets were erroneously included in the ACTO 10 training.

Not all do! I think it’s more because the staff cadet system is a massive mess.

Staff Cadets do need to complete the BPSS

ACP 20 PI 103 Annex B refers, and if it was not completed on initial appointment it is required by 31 Aug 21 (will catch 6 months of Staff Cadets, but WILL carry across to remaining as Staff)

It is also simple to do for Staff Cadets due to this caveat - Due to the age of Staff Cadets, it is accepted that they are unlikely to have a comprehensive employment history, so references are accepted from both their place of education and RAFAC Sqn OC.

If appointed after 1 January 2020, which I was not

So not, in fact, all CFAVs, as it’s not applicable to CCF(RAF). In fact the whole tweet should have said ‘ATC’ not ‘RAFAC’…

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