Mandatory Training (Climatic Injuries and First Aid)


There is - just asked for my renewal - if no change = all to be done on-line via our parent unit. :+1:


Why is this not RAF/MOD wide?


I don’t see what the issue is, just do the training with your cadets, why wouldn’t you want to provide training on First Aid and Climatic Injuries as part of your training programme? It’s 2 evenings in a year.

All the people asking for a reality check on having the training for indoors - give yourselves a reality check, how difficult is it to include Climatic Injuries, Heartstart and whatever else at the start of the year, and as part of probationer training?

Not rocket science folks.


2 evenings for each cadet, and you will never get all of your cadets in one place on the same 2 evenings, so it soon becomes 3 evenings, 7 evenings, 10 evenings…

Heartstart is easier as we throw it in on a fairly regular basis and it is perpetual for cadets, but we have the personnel on hand to provide it.
CI is tedious, over-detailed and requires an annual update so is therefore harder to manage and to stay on top of. Remember too there are other things that we are expected to refresh annually (for some reason!) that fall through the same cracks.


We still only have
a NATIONAL Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
a ROYAL Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

So of course weather more important than kids.


Climatic Injuries “qualification” for indoor classroom trg??

We really need to get a set of priorities here. How about RSI / posture trg for when they bring their own laptops, whatever, to do Ultilearn classification exams? :face_with_head_bandage:


Interestingly I tried doing the CI course on ultilearn today and found that it crashed each time I tried to download the videos. It still let me finish it and is showing as all fine and dandy on SMS. #Winning


Good lord! but these must be PAT tested before ever being allowed to plug into a squadron socket surely?! Lest the entire building be enveloped:



The thing is that most professional drivers have their driving standards monitored (by the passengers in the PCV category. There are also health check requirements, and any infringements can lead t the vocational licence being suspended.

These drivers also need to undertake 7 hours per annum professional training; 24 plus models with the latest being how to identify signs of bullying. This training is mandatory, and you get a qualification card - no card no drive.

Yet Joe public gets a licence which allows him.her to drive almost anything with 40 odd years of unrestricted pleasure without necessarily gaining any particular standard to say they are not a threat to other raid users.

It might seem to be a waste of time to have Fam training, but surely the ATC has an obligation to parents, that when required, it can move Cadets safely from point A to point B, without endangering their lives or scaring them to death.

Station MT is generally now outsourced. Babcock being a big player, but whoever, they are required to hold a civilian PCV operators licence, which means they are professionally accountable to a Traffic Commissioner, and will then abide by civilian law.

The Traffic Commissioners have significant authority and therefore if, say Babcock, wants to continue with that service, it abides by the rules. And the individuals named on the licence have a personal level of responsibillity.

The RAF works with this system, even the drivers hours rules but like with many other things, the ATC allows you to believe that you are a special case.


be careful what you wish for. although there is a annual requirement to sign MT orders and complete Fam drives as required, there is nothing in place for personal vehicles.

for example i can drive my personal car as far as i wish, lets say to Scotland for a Day’s walk up Ben Nevis with four Cadets and kit with next to no, if any, check that the car is serviceable, is taxed, MOT’ed, insured, or that my driving licence is valid save the trust that the CO has in me to do so.

I am not disagreeing with the principle that Cadets should be transported safely, but push on that point hard enough and it will come down to personal drivers, using personal vehicles and not just “on duty staff using fleet vehicles” such as CFAVs using MT


D1 holders (not grandfather rights) are classed as professional drivers, i have to have my medical like every other PCV or HGV holder. As for HGV, as long as they do not smash up the motors and get good fuel consumption, they are simply left alone to crack on.

CPC is an absolute joke, i have in 17 years in the industry never seen a single driver get in a cab and do driver training, everyone goes to a classroom and learns something that doesn’t even come close to being a better or safer driver.

My point was that i turned up in a minibus to MT, if i had a bit of paper with me saying that i had driven a 17 seater i wouldnt have to do a fam drive. Because i didnt have that bit of paper i then had to do one. Hardly making it safer that they will accept a chitty from a booking you have done 23 months ago…

Can you show me more information regarding this? considering military vehicles are exempt from an operators licence, i dont see why babcock would need one (they may have it for another contract that is non military though!)?


Take it to a new thread guys


As I said, take it to a new thread.


Has there ever been a proper justification for mandatory training for all of us as volunteers, other than HQAC just saying so, given that in order for it to happen, we have to give up our time as the ones doing it or the ones having it done to them. An employer setting mandatory training will give you the time off to do it.
IMO the only thing we should do is safeguarding, but this should be done by and through LSCBs and not in-house.
Maybe all the paid experts at Cranwell should get off their backsides and do all the delivery, we’d soon see how it important it all is.


Well the climate one was down to people dying, most people would consider that some sort of justification.


Although I do have to question the need to train the Cadets in the way that we do, maybe Training of supervisors should be the focus?


The circumstances around that was more of a problem than the climate.
Why we should get tarnished with the same brush due to idiocy of a few regular servicemen/women is a constant mystery. Let’s be honest when you keep doing something when conditions dictate that you should stop or make concessions and you don’t react to that, then there is something wrong. But I suppose you can’t teach common sense.

In my time in the ATC if we have briefed the cadets on what they should do, ensure they are suitably equipped and when we’ve had cadets out doing expeds and even local events if the weather or other factors have suggested stop or monitor closely, that’s what we have done, without the need for a video to tell us.


Well the first is the point of the video, and the second is part of the approvals process.


The approvals process seemingly gets more and more convoluted with no real benefit to us, but we are stuck with it until the common sense fairy sprinkles her dust over HQAC.


will there be room over hQAC with the flying pigs