Mandatory Training (Climatic Injuries and First Aid)


If you don’t have a Heartstart Instructor on every Sector if not every unit then quite frankly your Wing First Aid Officer isn’t doing their job.


Tell me something I don’t know…


I do see where you’re coming from, but the only people who lose out under these types of policies are the cadets.

I’ve been told, that as a Sqn Commander, I should have the following briefings every year:

Cadet code of conduct
Security, Inc Run, Hide, Tell.
Contents of the Sqn Risk Assessments

Add in the CI brief and that’s a lot of time just on briefings.

Not to mention the fact that you may have cadets who are absent so you need to repeat 1 or more…


Indeed until the staff get their act together it will be the Cadets who suffer, but is short term pain in exchange for long term gain a justifiab? Whoever has decided that these things are mandatory must have done so for a reason (Climatic Injuries has of course come from far above) and therefore if this is the only way to make people abide by policy then so be it. (Is what the OP’s chain of command are saying).

We also have the lengthy list of stuff we are supposed to deliver, we tend to get it alll done on one night at the moment. If Cadets don’t turn up that night then they end up missing out on something else to get caught up, repetitive for the staff, but then again what isn’t!


From the Climatic Injuries perspective I would love to see the evidence based practice which says that anybody watching the same poor quality and frankly ridiculous video once a year helps “keep things safer”. I totally agree that the impact, the relevance and the perspective of the issue gets lost the second people are doing it on the basis of “jumping through hoops”- rather than doing it in an informed, measured and risk based approach.

Just as the DVLA don’t ask me to go and resit my driving lesson every 12 months. Nor does my NGB awarding body reassess me every 12 months. Hell, even my first aid ticket buys me 3 years of doing before I get retrained/reassessed on things. But instead, the MOD are trivializing the issue by making it an annual tick in the box exercise in keeping awake.

Likewise for HeartStart. Yes, it would be brilliant if all cadets got some first aid training within 3 months of joining. Hell, it’d be great if they ALL got to First Class within that same time frame. And they ALL had access to NCO courses at the right time. Or they ALL got to go flying ONCE A YEAR as is described in another ACTO.

But they can’t. So, whilst things are made “MANDATORY” in one Training Order, how come it’s not MANDATORY in others when it comes to HQAC keeping up their end of the bargain? There is a real mix of volunteers and resources across the Corps - with some Wgs served better than others. It’d be great if all could up their game so that the basics could be delivered - but we are a few years into the HeartStart issue - and we’re still not getting it done. So maybe the approach is wrong???

(incidentally, I see that BHF themselves no longer accept applications for new HeartStart courses/licences. Interesting that even the provider themselves are rebranding and remarketing a new initiative… I do hope we won’t have to buy more badges with a different logo…)


I think everyone realises that the Climatic Injury Training is less about actually training people than it is about having evidence of having delivered Training. It’s about putting the MOD in the clear the next time the SAS kills someone, they can point to it and go “but look they were trained”.


Just wait, they’ll soon be stipulating that no activity goes ahead without a wet bulb reading.

Private purchase, of course.


Why don’t I have mandatory training at work which puts pounds in my bank account and yet to do a hobby I do have mandatory training.

@Batfink I think we should be thankful they don’t give the MOD control of the DVLA.


because you don’t work?

The VAST majority of employers now have mandatory training and information for all employees and the HSE gives guidance to what these should be.
some are included in your works induction that you should get on your first day and some are actual courses. it depends what people do and the risks they are open to but Manual Handling is a big one nearly all companies undertake some sort of course.

what we need is relevant and accurate training towards cadets, the Climatic injuries does have a relevance but not in which it is shown in the video. If they redone it showing cadets on the range or doing DofE then it may have more of an impact to the cadets and they may just take it onboard


Indeed my annual mandatory training probably takes up a full working week each year, keeping optional skill in is probably another week and that’s without the online courses that come up at least once a month!


Have you done your Tailors course yet?


I would never really admit to working I have a reputation to uphold :sunglasses:

We don’t have mandatory training at work. I’ve done Man Hand and Food Handling/Hygiene for the buffet lunches, in fact I only do training if there is a buffet or if it’s off site. I have no real interest if it’s not relevant to my job and enhance what I can do in some way. I’m FAAW as I get additional pay. I did a number of H&S courses in the early 90s when I became H&S Rep, there was a rather attractive woman from the Council who did them as I recall.

Our work induction is fire actions, computer systems, what to do if you’re sick and a walk round introducing to people.


What sector would that be, is it similar to the role of a CFAV?

I work in education. There is nothing that i have to do every year except exam invigilating.


and I wonder why you had to do that training…


Do you not have safeguarding refreshers?


Yeap. Every 3 years. Just like the RAFAC.

Its weird that the MOD see the weather as more important than safeguarding… but there we go! :wink:


my personal experience of Mandatory training

Mandatory training for work - this can be as a prerequisite, to be eligible for a position a degree in X might be required or a IOSH award to hold a H&S role for instance, it could be to have a FLT licence or truck licence which are mandatory for the role.

in my work environment we have PC based fire training to do each year, we also have a annual H&S reminder, departments are brought together and offered a annual reminder of systems in place, how they should be used and how to use them to improve the working environment and of course plenty of induction training which is mandatory but not touched again


what @batfink said


I drove my squadrons 17 seater minibus to our local base for flying, i needed to resign MT orders and they insisted i go for a fam drive as i could not prove i had driven a minibus in 2 years… despite me showing them the bus i arrived in (and had driven round to MT in)

Nothing in the MOD surprises me any more.


I went to my local MT to sign the orders and go on a fam drive a few years ago.
What a waste of a morning of my life.
It cost me a day of annual leave and two hours of petrol to complete the process and some broadband passing a matrix test.
There must be an easier for the volunteer.