Mandatory Training CFAV and Cadets

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Can someone provide me what Mandatory Training CFAV need to complete and how long until it needs to be competed again.

I can’t find anything on share point with a list of mandatory training for CFAV unless someone can provide a link?


  • First Aid - ACTO8 Para 9 - 3 years - within 6 months of joining RAFAC as staff - minimum Heartstart
  • Safeguarding - ACP4 Chp3 Para 4 - 3 years - BASIC / AVIP / Safeguarding Refresher/designated course – dependent on role
  • H&S - ACP5 Chp 3 Para 8 - 2 years
  • Climatic Injuries - ACP 5 Procedure 30 - Annually
  • Responsible for Information - RAFAC Information Management Directive Annex C Para 2 a-c
  • Security Advice - Sqn Sy Orders Para 9 - Annually
  • AVIP - ACTO12 Para 4 - No Refresh Mandated - One-off induction
  • ACTO 10 e-Learning - IBN 019 - 2019 - One off

That’s not listed anywhere in a single document to my knowledge - it’s a collation from various policies (issued via an email in our region).

Cadets is climatic injuries and AVIP if staff cadets I guess.


I’ve never seen such a document. Would be surprised if it exists… Far too sensible.

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Amazing thanks! It would make sense for an IBN with this information sent out by HQAC (take note if you’re looking HQAC)

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There’s some new ACTO 10(?) training we all have to do on Ultifail at the moment as well.

Ah yes, forgot about that one! Added to the list.

Here’s an idea… Staff Guidebook.

Akin to a company manual.

Front and centre on Sharepoint.

Copy of the VA, list of mandatory training and durations, overview of available training courses and where to go for info on them, highlights of key policies and references, description of Sharepoint subsites and where to go for specific topics (because finding stuff is a nightmare unless you remember where you found it that one time 6 months ago), list of ACTOs and common forms…

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Much of that sound a whole lot like a Staff Portal :slight_smile:

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Have I heard they are going to add fire training to that list?

How much training does “get yourself out of the building and call the fire brigade” take?
Seriously though, e-learning packages can easily cover most of these requirements - initial training for some and ongoing refreshers for most.

Fire is a mandatory Ultilearn course to be completed annually … can also be done by the fire section

Remind me later and I’ll put up someone our wing created with what you have to do at each different level (so for OCs, WSOs, Padres, SIs and staff cadets)

Got a reference for the mandatory bit and I’ll update the list above?

ACP5 somewhere I think

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No mention of mandatory training in Procedrue 12

I’ve been staff for nearly 3 years, never been told of access to ultilearn, never mind informed of any requirement to do regular training on it…


Put it on sharepoint and it will soon get lost like everything else and there are still those staff who have never darkened the doors of Bader. I have one, who’s been involved since day 1, has the password for the general account as soon as we had one and never looked at it. HQAC might need to bite the bullet and accept that printed matter still exists and print things and send them to squadrons. Electronic and online this and that is fine until you want to read it properly. It might also make the wombles at Cranwell think twice before changing things and expecting that we have the time and or inclination to try and find it on s/point.
The safeguarding should be done as an online course. My wife recently did one via the NSPCC.

@OldNewbie They’ve done you a favour. It’s not as interesting as you might like to think. It sounded a good idea but hasn’t been. Too many people putting the same things in different places.

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This is coming…

Done by HQAC or people who might know what they are on about?

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For an initial "headsup on safeguarding, fine. Refreshers via online training, fine. However, I still think that we should have 1 face to face session on Safe guarding every few years. Over all the years I’ve been involved in this - but with and outwith of the RAFAC - these are often the sessions I remember and have a far greater impact than elearning modules.

Simply sharing and relating experiences around safeguarding is really helpful - if well managed. And it’s finding the balance which is critical.

IIRC HQAC are appointing somebody who knows what they are talking about - particularly in light of the Safeguarding audit.