Making a Complaint

Hey everyone!

Just wondering how I go about making a complaint in regards to the actions of my Wing HQ. Do I have to send the complaint to my Wing first or can I send it straight to my Region’s HQ? As the complaint is about staff at the Wing HQ and even the Wing Commander, I feel that it would not be properly dealt with if I sent it to Wing.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you!

If the complaint is about the WHQ, send it direct to Regional HQ. However, anticipate that the Region HQ may ask another Wing HQ to investigate it for them, but the matter will be handled by the Region.

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Although you might want to talk to your Squadron Commander first . . .

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Yeah what Prune said.
Make sure it’s a fight you can win though.
No point starting something that’s out of Wings control.

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My Squadron Commander has already told me that he can’t do anything. Basically, Wing booked flights to a camp for me incorrectly and as a result I could not travel. I would have had to pay £150 at the airport to be able to travel and I couldn’t do that. Because I didn’t travel, they have no said that they will never book travel for me to go anywhere ever again. (I was in the pipe band so had at least 4 trips a year, not just a one off). The WC had also “suggested” that I pay the amount that the flights cost to his nominated charity, over £200… because of an error by his staff?

Anyone think it’s worth a complaint?

its worth taking it further if you can find the emails to wing confirming the booking of the correct journeys, and then wing providing details of the incorrect journeys.

I’d say it is worth taking it further even if you can’t find the emails but make sure you have a clear, coherent chain of events.

I’d also suggest that your OC should be the first point of contact and should be pursuing this.

Oh heck yes complain! That’s outrageous and some may even say that what your Wing Co said could be considered blackmail!
Perhaps a chat with the MoD Police may be needed?

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Also, just another thing to add. The HRG ticket that I received said that it cannot be changed once the ticket issue date has arrived. The ticket was only sent to me at 1521 on the day of the ticket issue date.

Don’t be silly.

Out of interest did you give them plenty of time to book said tickets?

Pipe band hazarding a guess here you in SN&I region. Did you or your family actually speak to the wing commander or was the charity comment passed on to you?

Yes plenty of time was given.

The suggestion was passed on to me by my OC over phone. He said that the wing commander “wasn’t very happy” with me and “he suggested that you make a donation to the Wing Commander’s charity in lieu of the flights”

ok so this is classed mostly as hear say I’m afraid.
Write a letter to wing Hq. State your complaint and issues and request a meeting with someone who can resolve this matter.
If after 4 weeks you have not heard anything of a reply follow it up with another letter requesting an update.
If after a further 2 weeks you still have not had any word. Send a letter to regional hq with a copy of the original letters enclosed.
Also keep everything that you have about the flight etc.
Each time you send a letter send it recorded and download who signed for it.

Im confused. Why would the OC wing suggest you make a donation to charity in lieu of the flights you didn’t travel on?

Surely either
a) you paid for the unused flights
b) your wing paid for the unused flights

In either respect, the flights were paid for and unused. Why would anyone need to donate to charity. No one is in possession of unused funds?

Or did you receive a grant of spending money?

I was getting a bit confused too…
I don’t think anyone knows the full back ground and who actually said what, hence the suggestion of writing to wing to Discus

In what way were the flights booked “incorrectly”?

Where is your mum/dad in this? It you were my child and they refused to reimburse, they’d have regretted their line by now.

Given the financial loss, get mum/dad to suggest a small claims court action. I would go direct to 22 Gp and copy in HQAC. Don’t bother with Wing as they have made the mistake and like many experiences I have had with Wing HQ staff they look to dodge any flack and direct blame to eveyone else. If they supply the info to book the flights and if what you supplied is correct it is their fault and you should be reminbursed in full including any other costs, and if what has been suggested by the Wg Cdr is true they need to return their MOD 90 yesterday. What is suggested is something that I’ve been told happens in the regulars and like so many others it seems the Wg Cdr thinks they are in the regulars.

One of the staff on the sqn had massive problems with a CTC two years ago as Wing had input their information incorrectly, so getting it wrong when they have a sheet in front of them isn’t out of the question.


You be wasting your time as it will be sent back to the region to investigate.

Only one hold luggage bag was booked. For this past 6 years I’ve needed two (and they’ve always booked two) and they have the exact dimensions of my pipe case.