Make IFA into a Lanyard

I’ve seen people at the Inn wearing it on Grand Day


Wings don’t have crests, or coats of arms for that matter. Unless there are exceptions (like 600 Sqn, CFS, etc.) wings have badges: some of these follow the rules for ATC heraldic badges (Astral crown, etc.), some don’t.


I’m just going of what my RMO says

any road marching event is fair game

It’s quite clear that the intention is to reduce badges, not increase.

it is further proposed that classification badges are aligned with their overall colour (blue to gold) and that music is reduced to just the lyre badge.

That’s incredibly sad. The classification badges are iconic. Be rubbish if it’s just different coloured propellers.


Though I note the implementation date was 1 April 2024

The classification badges should be replaced by AS2, AS1, JT, etc, rank badges. Having everyone below Cpl looking like a recruit really separates cadets from the RAF practise of everybody (above recruit) having badges of rank.

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That would only work if we made it a requirement to complete the whole classification system before promotion to corporal

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Would that not require the grade of Master Air Cadet just to be a Cpl then? Seems a tad silly

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They manage to have multiple cadet ranks in the SCC without it being ‘silly’, just like we have multiple ranks below cpl in the RAF.

Yes, but as far as I am aware they don’t tie it into the Classifications system like you propose. Time for a deep dive?

Most of our cadets that are promoted to Cpl do so at the Leading or Senior Cadet stage. If we were to consolidate classification insignia into the rank structure, then we would probably have to demand that Cpls already hold Master Cadet - the highest level.

Given we currently aim to get cadets to this stage around the age of 16, it would mean cadets waiting up to 4 years for promotion, dramatically changing the cadet NCO cadre. It would also mean, you’d regularly have cadets going from Cpl at 16 through to FS before their 18th, ready for CWO. I do find that a tad silly.

If we don’t want to do that, we’d effectively make Master a badge-less classification. Which would be weird, as it is the highest level and deserves recognition.

The only way I can seem to make it work feasibly is if we had the following structure.
AR = Cadet who hasn’t attained 1st Class yet
AS2 = 1st Class Cadet
AS1 = Leading Cadet
Cpl = On merit, onwards as per.

But again, from the sounds of your proposal this would remove insignia for Senior/Master and it would alse reduce flexibility for OC’s by adding an organisation wide requirement for Leading Cadet before promotion to Cpl. Whilst many Wings already do this, I’m still a proponent of “OC’s Choice” theory, not the varying wing regs.

It’s worth noting as well, SCC only go up to Petty Officer Cadet or Sgt RMC for cadets, which explains the use of pre-NCO ranks, as they cannot promote cadets to Cdt CPO and upwards in the same way as we can to FS/CWO

Apologies in advance to mods - I know we’re a little off topic :wink:

You kind of pick up on this later, but I’d only incorporate 1st Class and Leading into the rank structure, as they are effectively cadet basic training. Senior and Master could be an aviation studies PTS badge. Or, to bring us back onto topic, Master cadet could go back to being a lanyard.

And yet this is one of the things which clearly identifies them as cadets…

Fellas, IFA, Lanyard

Come on :joy:

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