Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Req


I was wondering if there was an official document outlining the necessary requirements for nomination as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet? I tried to search it on Google but I was unsuccessful. I did find the Yorkshire County document but my CCF (RAF) would put me in the Greater London Lieutenancy.

Thanks in advance!

There’s some information in this thread: Lord lieutenant's cadet queries and you might find more if you use the forum search function.

Generally when nominations are due, WHQ will email all units with a request for nominations and the criteria.

Have you spoken to your Sqn about it?

You should be over 16 and able to remain in post for the 12 months, with the ability to attend events, nominees are usually SNCO (although off the top of my head I can’t recall if that is set - but a senior rep of good quality would by default imply senior NCO).

Edit: missed the CCF bit, I’m not sure if they run through the local ATC hierarchy or their TEST staff, so probably substitute WHQ for the relevant CoC and perhaps someone of the CCF breed here will be able to confirm.

I will ask when I get the opportunity. One thing that is slightly worrying is that the Yorkshire document says that the cadet must have a DoE Bronze. Sadly, due to some complications last year, I was not able to do my DoE award. Is it really necessary for prospective cadets to have a DoE Bronze under their belt?

I’ve known them without, but with other good stuff under their belts instead.

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That’s reassuring! I will definitely work harder in different areas next year to compensate the void. :wink:

I think that’s something Yorkshire will have arbitrarily decided on. I didn’t have any DofE (though I had started going straight for Gold) when I was a LLC.

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Understood, that’s helpful to know! Thanks!

If you’re in London I was told by the Lord Lieutenant’s office last year that they don’t take one from CCF. I was trying to nominate one of my cadets. But they’ve only recently started giving the DL certificates of meritorious service to CCF cadets so it is something they may be looking to amend in the future.

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Oh, I see. That’s a shame. I’ll send an email just to double-check on that. Is there a possibility for me to become a Lord Mayor’s Cadet? I’m part of the Middlesex Wing and I haven’t been able to find much info on the Mayor’s cadet. Is there a Lord Mayor of London’s Cadet or something like that?

You should fight that one. Most counties do have a CCF LLC. Maybe something to get CCFA to lobby on?

Usually LLCs serve with the county of their school not their home (we are a boarding school and we’ve had 3 LLCs in the time I’ve been in charge, though you do need to be able to travel - in practice all have lived at worst in adjacent counties).

I’ve got a friendly contact there now and she seems on board but then Covid got in the way and it became a low prioryy issue for both me and her. Planning to pick it up again with her soon