Local Policy

This is a prime example of local policy that increases the burden on individuals, why does something think they can demand an RA when HQ Policy clearly states it’s not required?

What’s the authorisation text all about, the authorisation process is clearly detailed in ACTO 10.

Does anyone else have any examples of crazy local policy?

Yes. If we are doing any “live” virtual meetings, with cadets or staff, the “chair” or lead person has to be in uniform. No one else does.

So, does that mean CIs cannot do online training!

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MOI only being available to Senior or Master Cadets when RAFAC policy says is now open to all.

I’d be kicking off about that!

They can wear their armband…


And we’ve all had time time to grow the matching 'tache…


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I call RAFAC Absurdity there,

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For CIs wearing the arm band … Not forgetting the dust coat (that was issued with the arm band many years ago…)



Our Wing Training Officer has also decided that the RAFAC policy is wrong, and is limiting MOI courses to 15 years old, and Senior/Master cadets as well…

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All we have to do is record it. We have not used camera at all, and only used screen share where necessary.

There is no local policy and Risk Assessments are not required as per ACTO 14. If someone could PM me which Wing this is, I will escalate.


I’d be challenging the RTO with Corps Training Officet and Wg Co Ccd


See ACTO 14 regarding risk assessment.

“Please produce a risk assessment for virtual parade nights”

“No chance”

“It’s policy”

“Virtual parade nights are now cancelled”


Just a thought…

But you would have thought that ALL wexos would have realised by now that they should be LEADING the charge on making sure nonsense like this is stamped out.

After all…

If too many Sqns close after covid
Wings may well merge.
Whqs not needed
Wexos etc out of job

Like I say, just a thought.


That requires some level of “what if” thinking and challenging those above them, by people not used to doing it. We’ve been doing this for years at work as the need to reinvent and seem to add some value is an imperative to stay in a job. Doing this at the moment.

The other thing is reduced number of Wings, reduced number of Regions not as many RHQs needed either.

I thought they HQAC were supposed to be stopping this didn’t Dawn say report these incidents to her and HQAC would define policy. But it is far from new having been in North region under Grp captain Middleton some of his if they weren’t so stupid would have been comical. One that comes to mid was I was at Hyde and Hattersely Sqn at the time he wanted to close that Sqn and Buxton Sqn down as they were built above the snow line and neither sqn had mountain leader qualified staff. Just one of many.

This issue is in the process of being sorted out through the Chain of Command. Mods, can we close please?