Lighten the mood - now including LOCKDOWN 3.0

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time for that classic game, with your host Paracetamol.

The rules are simple and of course very familiar by now.

Simply guess how long and how steep lockdown will be.

Closest to Borises pronouncement at 8pm recieves the most treasured prize of all. A :+1:.

I open with a starting bid of:

Finishing end of February 2021.
Stay at home order. Basically lockdown Max.

Same as Level 4 but with the addition of closing schools (except key workers kids etc).

Work from home where possible but businesses may stay open that are currently allowed under Tier 4

Meeting 1 other person outside household only

Ends Feb 1st.

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Agree here.

My only issue is this is already what tier 4 is meant to be.

If you live in a Tier 4 area, you must follow the rules below. This means that you cannot leave or be outside of the place you are living unless you have a reasonable excuse.

I guess they actually try and close the places that are claiming to be essential? I really can’t see what more can be done on top of tier 4! Apart from schools that is, but Boris seems adamant on keeping them open. Another U-turn I guess?

So my guess would be whole country into Tier 4 (or equivalent ‘lockdown’) for at least 4 weeks!

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End 19th Feb with schools returning 22nd.

Lockdown max with no household mixing including ending bubbles

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He will look like an idiot if he closes schools although Tories do love a good u-turn.

I’m calling full lockdown till the second week in February with all except schools/colleges/unis closing except for those in their exam years.

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Lets up the ante and add a curfew in there from say 9pm, with exception being for work and for delivery drivers.

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This I could actually see helping if enforced! Not sure it would go down very well though…

Stick to the game in here.

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I think initially schools closed and stay at home orders ala lockdown 1.0 until 1 Feb, this will then be extended eventually into March with the first relaxation likely to be 1 Apr.

Equivalent to Tier 4 across whole of England

Following additions :

Facemasks to be worn in all public settings (inc outdoor)

No mixing between households outdoors

Schools closed except exam years with online learning in place

(Possibly a restriction on time outside home for exercise but not betting on this)

A fuller lockdown, outwith the current scheme requires a vote.

Tier 4 for all to tide us over to a fully armed and operational lockdown!

Parliament has been recalled on Wednesday…

Tier 6… only allowed out with bio suit

Schools closed until Easter (reviews every 4 weeks)

Shielding back in place (scotGov announced this earlier btw)

Vaccines to be given to NHS and school staff ASAP

Curfews in place as well

Something brought up today in Holyrood was a review of what is an Essential job, also raised (by the tories) a possible arbitration process if your employer is forcing you to work as an essential worker… what this will result in could be interesting.

What will come first though? End of lockdown or herd immunity?

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02 Feb - lockdown from midnight tomorrow.

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Starting at the weekend (Parliament recalled weds to vote on it), a full lockdown lasting 4-6 weeks.

Friend of a friend is civil service and has seen cabinet papers.

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This sounds like cheating :joy:


Too right.

Tenuous at best though.

I fall to see where it was expressed that this wasn’t allowed? :wink:

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