Letter of Appointment to a Commission in RAFAC


Shhh. Don’t break the illusion


In repl yto OldNewbie, my annoyance with it comes from the fact that for 30+years we were told it meant something, now we are told it doesnt and never has.

If it meant something and has been taken away, then i am annoyed and if it never meant anything and I was lied to, then I am annoyed. I cant think of a third option that doesnt leave me ‘annoyed’

My enthusiasm for attending weekend events is now less, my willingness to take holiday to do training courses purely for the benefit ofthe ATC is nominal. These are the things that this annoyance has led to.

So it is true that my commitment to the cadets in general has taken a dip due to the last year or two. i cant change that, hopefully it is still enough on my Squadron to be able to contribute effectively, but as for loyalty and respect for the chain of command and upper echelons especially, then it has taken a major dive.

As for spending personal cash on a toilet wall decoration, then Nah, Cheers all the same


First of all, what bigmalcmk said.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as ‘VR(T)’. It’s RAFVR. The ‘T’ merely designates the branch one is commissioned into. The RAFVR was the Reserve Air Force of the Crown. My scroll is signed by HM the Queen (originally or facsimile or whatever but it’s HER moniker).

My understanding is that the new CFC commissioning scroll is signed by the Secretary of State for Defence which in my eyes, places it on a par with used toilet paper.

It’s getting to be more and more like Fred Karno’s day by day. They want uniformed staff to grovel for the CFM by having to apply for it, staff to purchase MTP if they want (and have a need) to wear it and now - if what has been said turns out to be true - they want us to pay for a new commissioning scroll?

You really couldn’t make this up.


You missed out the R Auxillary Air Force, both operated at the same time.


The more you hear about this the more farcical it becomes it makes you think Alan Ayckbourn must be influencing it, but with no humour


More like the late Brain Rix’s farces.


It’s a kids club. Any semblance of importance disappeared when it was no longer specifically training people to join the RAF.


So that would have been in the late 1940s.

If it has no importance, why are they bothering to stop us? Unless it is to perpetuate their jobs and the myth of the RAF’s relevance.


It’s countersigned by or on his behalf. Just like most commissions, (my best man’s regular Land Forces scroll is countersigned). It will still have QEII’s signature as well