Letter of Appointment to a Commission in RAFAC


Has anyone got a picture of the new letter of appointment they issue out (not the scroll, although a pic of that might be a bonus) to new officers . Ie the one from hq when you’ve passed oasc/Ccf Interview. I’ve seen old ones but no new ones post the RAFAC change and just wondering whether they have actually produced one yet?!

As always, thanks for the help

No letter, but the scroll is still the old one as they have plenty of them :slight_smile:

Do us oldies get a formal letter for telling us we’ve changed and why.

Have the changes been Gazetted yet?

Big issue that one unless they do dome sort of blanket announcement but can’t see that working as some have not changed

Two months on and I’m still waiting for my new commissioning scroll. I’m not holding my breath as I still haven’t received my letter from CRAFAC.

Or maybe there just isn’t any money for the new scrolls? Who would have thought it? HQAC not thinking things through and planning ahead…


got my scroll at OIC a few weeks back, still the old one… apparently got lots of old ones :slight_smile:

If you were commissioned before the change, even if not done OIC you’ll be entitled to both. Not that that excuses the failure to issue the new ones.

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It would seem both yes, and no!

Working from home today, and it this popped through the letter box:

No Mention of why the commission has changed, nor when (or if) my VR(T) commission will be removed.

Is Para 2 not sufficient information?


:ohmygod: Fair point!

That’ll teach me speed read!

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Tis a shame then that the RAFAC has yet to issue me with RAFAC pins for my No 1 and No 5 uniform.

Should I go on with wearing VR over T pins or get the gold Airfix paint out for my uniforms?


I’ve received my set for my number 1’s and made the change. I will only be attending mess functions as a Flt Lt RAFVR(T) Rtd so wont be changing my number 5’s!

The letter STATES that all ATC officers have had their RAFVR(T) commissioned removed

[feeding the troll]

but incubus…the ATC has never had any Officers…:thinking:

Ah, but it has: RAFVR(T) ones! :slight_smile:

but i thought they were RAFVRT officers and thus “RAF officers” not belonging to the ATC who were assigned to the ATC??

Technically, but not really, were they?

Officers appointed to the Corps shall hold commissions as officers in the Training Branch of Our Air Force Volunteer Reserve…” - AP1919 (my bold)

Not RAF Officers. RAFVR officers. The RAF and the RAFVR are two distinct legal entities.


So if i get one of these letters direct from CRAFAC, and have not yet recevied any slides, am I allowed to reply direct to her to ask what uniform I should be parading in, and who should I copy in if anyone?

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Pop a photo on twitter, tag the Commandant and wait for the witch hunt to start. I’m sure the uniform police will tell you soon enough what you should be wearing - and ask you to take the photo down!

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