Letter of Appointment to a Commission in RAFAC


How does that work @daws1159 ?
Do we not have to apply for Rtd status?


Nah. I don’t care what AP1919 says.

My letter says I’m appointed to a commission in the RAFVR for service with the Air Training Corps. Nowhere in that letter of appointment says that I’m appointed to the Corps.

It can’t be both.


Yeah, but the only reason you were appointed was to serve with the ATC (or CCF[RAF] I guess) and only for the duration that you continue that service.

I’m glad they are clearing all that nonsense up, but to be honest I’m not sure why we need any sort of commission at all!


So we can get people like you to make the tea :smiling_imp:



If I was attached for service with an allied power and went to a war zone with them, chances are I could qualify for their service medal. Several RAF Regiment guys (not to mention loads more Army) were awarded the Omani medals after serving with their Forces.


I need to trawl the posts from Regional Commandant North, I’ll get back to you when I find the wording but I j ow it was brought up.


@daws1159 cheers. I would love to see that!


Too many hopes in that paragraph.


April, new financial year. It looks like they couldn’t afford the scrolls in FY 2017-18.


Yeap. The FY16/17 and 17/18 budgets got spent on legalisers chewing the fat over whether this “simple” idea was even remotely possible - then poor quality rank slides and pin badges.


Word from my wing commander this weekend is that we will have to pay for our new scroll, somewhere in the region of £5-10 as there aren’t the funds for the 3,000 or so they need…


I know where they can stick their new scrolls then…


Then they can poke it, as far as I’m concerned.

I won’t be paying for some mickey-mouse piece of paper that represents some mickey-mouse piece of legislation that was imposed on me against my will and without consultation.


I’m sure they can sort out a mailmerge and give you a PDF you can print at home!


I wouldn’t waste the toner in my printer…


And the ACO don’t even realise how bad things really are. I do hope they read some of the posts pn here and reflect but I suspect the act of reflection is not an administrive function.


Cool, then leave it for the saddos that feel they need a bit of paper to shell out for it, while you carry on with life.


Do you think HQAC will be surprised when they aren’t taken up on the generous offer?


It will be just another thing that will show them the reality of people’s thoughts on the whole thing. Not that they’ll be bothered mind.


Why do people act as though VR(T) wasn’t mickey mouse in the first place?

Yes it has historical precedent, but let’s be honest, they’ve handed it out to any Tom, Dick or Harry who wanted it in the last 30 years.