Leak of ACP 15 to the press

This might help others:


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Is it leak? Surely this sort of document should be available to parents and cadets? (Only being on the inside I don’t know how accessible these documents are to non-staff).


I think it’s available on Cadet Portal for them

But in that sense nothing controversial about being inclusive. You’ve always got people who disagree with the whole subject. The bit they quote about chest binders and advice - the advice is look after them if you know they do it as it’s restrictive


Agreed…this is non news trying to stir up crap because its a trendy news topic atm.


Oh exactly, the policy isn’t advocating for or against anything, it’s just giving advice on how to deal with certain things especially from a safety point of view.

I was more questioning it being referred to as a leak when surely it’s a policy document that should be open to all Cadets/Parents anyway.

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You can tell they have no idea what going in RAFAC. Talks of safeguarding concerns not realising that has it’s separate document and it’s not RAFAC’s job to say potential medical issues outside of how it will affect cadets in RAFAC activities. Also charity commission flagging Mermaids a day before it’s released and them implying it shouldn’t be there while we just had 5 day wait to for the MOD to tell us pretty much all our tents are against fire regulations and have been since their introduction almost 30 years ago.

A non story trying to jump on the anti-inclusivity and anti-trans bandwagon going round. Also leaked, this is basically thrown at people on some course and just take and read. Certainly not ‘leaked’ just shared.


The Telegraph very much do not have to jump onto that bandwagon, they’ve been there all along.



They have their own Wagon and their own Band


I’m reminded of this:

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Other than it basically being fizzy bum gravy in digital form, the most concerning thing about this is that someone has commented:

“Not sure how well this is going to work on night exercises and annual camp where the cadets sleep in dormitories. Sgt XXXX 1563 Buckingham Sqn”

  1. not sure if they mean cadet or cfav
  2. they should really know about this policy as it’s not new, and it worries me they aren’t adhering to any of it now.

I can’t find evidence of either a cadet or staff member at that unit with that name.


Thats lucky then.

Imagine the rain of fury that would come down on that individual

Must be an ex-

I certainly can’t imagine any current cadet sgt being a Telegraph subscriber…!
Plus, who does Night Ex’s any more?

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Surely informing parents of unknown transitioning is important as its a medical issue.

(Minis the usual safeguarding part)

I believe this part only applies to non medical intervention like name change or uniform change. Medical intervention is the responsibility of the doctor to inform relevant people.


It’s the same as outing someone that is homosexual and there are laws against doing that.

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Typical Telegraph BSary… One-sided ‘journalism’ intended only to stoke the fires of division.

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