Leading class notebook

Hey, does anyone have a copy of the Leading class notebook online?

This one?

I think @Shyhax is a cadet, so wont have access to that link.
@Shyhax, your squadron staff will be able to get it for you on the Cadet Training Resources Portal on SharePoint.

Last time I checked, cadets could still access the cadet training hub? Guessing then that’s not the case anymore?

As far as I’m aware cadet should have access to it.

You’d have thought, wouldn’t you?
But no, Cadet’s aren’t supposed to have access as otherwise thats 40000 extra microsoft licenses that we should be paying for, or something along those lines.

No, it needs a SharePoint log in it seems

There was a facility to create anonymous links (I think that’s the term) which anyone could access, but not sure if we can do that at our end.

Is this a sharepoint licencing issue then? (As it works in practise, or at least used to!)

No, you have to ask the Bader team to create them.

We need to be asking our Training Officers to ask up the chain about getting all the training material moved onto Learn.


You’ve just reminded me of the conversation on Teams. I have seen that before! Absolute joke.

Is this something that can be raised?

There is no easy way for instructor cadets inc staff cadets to access materials

There is no easy way for cadets to access the log books

There’s no easy way for cadets to return completed log books electronically

Yes . . . like this.

I don’t think anyone has access too it, my squadron only has the first class ones

Staff do have access

If only all staff actually knew how to access the relevant parts of sharepoint - not just save the documents to their local PCs allowing them to miss various updates.

That or you know, being uploaded to a centralised sysyem that has been developed for the cadets to learn from.


Instructor Cadets should be given the general account to access Sharepoint so they have the same resources as Staff. You can’t expect them to teach if you aren’t allowing them access. In the Wings MoI courses they show them the Training Portal and how best to use it (as we all know some of the resources aren’t the best to use as an instructor)

And for any CFAVs on here - don’t forget all the logbooks can be ordered from Cranwell A4 or A5 for free. The emails on training portal, and can get them sent straight to you.

That’s fine if they’re over 18, but under 18s are not allowed access to the Generic Account, or the wider Bader suite. Some staff do allow under 18s access, but, fundamentally, it is not allowed.

Are you able to point me to the policy which says that about Sharepoint?

There is clear guidance on use of SMS and having an account, including making sure they’ve done the information management.

Yes, the Bader SyOps policy which, if you use Bader, you should have already read and agreed to…

It lists users as:

  • Serving Military Personnel

  • Civil Servants

  • Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer

  • Civilian Committee Members

  • Staff Cadets

Note staff cadets specifically mentioned, and not under 18 cadets.

The Bader SyOps also makes clear that all users of the Bader suite must hold BPSS as a minimum. Generally, no under 18 cadet will hold this.

Fundamentally, there is a significant quantity of OSP information within Sharepoint, that under 18 cadets should not have access to. Yes, they should have full access to the training hub, but sadly they don’t. Giving them full access to Sharepoint and the Generic email etc is not the correct solution.

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