Leadership: Scenarios for SMEAC briefings


Went pretty well; I was using it to teach the NATO sequence (sort of one-up from SMEAC) and worked nicely.


ACTO 85 is your lord and master:


    1. At this level, the cadet will be expected to interact, develop and be assessed alongside cadets from outside of their Sqn/DF, so the course should be run at Sector or Wing level.
    1. The course modules are:
  • Module 1 - Introducing Leadership:

  • Need for leadership

  • Approaches to leadership

  • Basis of leadership

  • b. Module 2 - Understanding Leadership:

  • Functional leadership (Task, Team, Individual needs)

  • Leadership styles (Autocratic ßà Democratic)

  • Module 3 - Implementing Leadership:

  • Task sequencing (PICSIE)

  • The value of self-reflection

Module 4 - Delivering Leadership:

  • Verbal / non-verbal communication

  • Communicating to different audiences

  • Methods of giving orders

  • *Giving and receiving feedback

  • Practical Leadership Exercises


In essence:

Blue is just SMEAC

Bronze introduces PICSIE (which should be the basis of blue, but that’s another story)
Styles of leadership
Areas of need (T, T & I)
Communication styles (so thinking about how you come across)


Many thanks for info. I Have a CCF unit down the road I also assist with training. Presume that would qualify as “Another Unit” ?


Theoretically, yes, i suppose. Although I think the intention is for syndicates with cadets from more than two units - hence the reference to “sector/wing level”. Bronze instructors/courses should be authorised at Wing Level.

All materials to deliver and understand the content are on Sharepoint - TO’s area.


Pity from HQAC downwards they don’t read understand and implement their own training material.


But at CCF the wing level sometimes means Contingent commander and others test officer. If they signed off on a CCF run one and you invite the ATC then all is hunky dory


Yeah so this is where it gets interesting and you can tell the policy was written by someone ATC-centric.

If you put it through the CCF unit and they’re on Westminster (only some are on Bader to my knowledge?) then you should create an activity on SMS, surely? It would only be locally authorised I imagine, but could be picked up, no?

This is where we get to splitting hairs though and whether or not you fancy holding that debate! The last thing you want is to give out bronze badges and then have cadets rejected for a silver course because someone kicks up a stink about the legitimacy of their bronze course.

@specop is there a precedent in your wing of units/sectors already running their own, in house (presumably with the authority to do so) Bronze courses?


It’s ridiculous that they don’t teach trust squadron/Contingent staff to teach bronze. My CWO just completed the bronze course and told me that it was a lower level than they teach the cubs at the pack she runs. Having looked at the powerpoints I would be horrified if any of our staff (or at least uniformed staff couldn’t deliver such a basic level)


I teach bronze without ‘teaching bronze’.

As part of our leadership development I do picsie, tti, etc, anyway. I just don’t call it bronze leadership, or give them an exam on it.

But the point about assessing is valid. They need to be able to do this with people they don’t know.


It’s to avoid insular Sqn’s and take cadets out of the comfort zone and working in teams with cadets from other Sqn’s they may not know.


Bingo. Almost anyone can “lead” a team of mates where everyone knows each other and how the game works.

Also… There are definitely people out there i wouldn’t trust with it, if I were making the decisions.


There is an argument about being able to teach and assess the theory side on squadron, though, and just leave the exercise leadership assessments to a sector / wing level event.


That’s the part I meant. Agree about the practical assessments being done with other units.


Frankly I don’t see that it matters who the assessment is with, as in these situations you’re all in the same boat, ie to tick the box and anxious.

If to get some meaningless badge by implication doing it with people you don’t know is just to up the anxiety levels and they may be little scrotes from other squadrons who will be awkward for the sake of being awkward, then it serves no purpose.

I have been involved in assessing these things and some of the others doing the assessing have IMO been there to fill a sad hole in their meaningless lives, by being on some massive ego trip.

Two of us took a bloke aside during the break on our OIC when we did the “hangar exercises” as he was being a complete and utter [expletives deleted] trying to scupper people. He got ‘on message’ PDQ, that we’re all here because we have to be and some were less confident, and we should all be working together to make life as easy as possible and if he didn’t stop, when it was his turn expect some ‘interference’. He tried it on with me and this other chap, both of us skewing the average age upwards, and we’d both told him to wind his neck in which although we “passed” got a comment from the assessors.

I’ve had similar conversations with kids on DofE expeds when I’m supervising, with the message they may have to repeat it, if they persist in being awkward and not mucking in.


I remember a good one here is the basic jist, add to it your own twist if you will (im remembering this off the top off my head so I may not include it all)

you are in a new experimental military aircraft somewhere In the northern hemisphere, the navigation and engine systems have failed and you will crash in 20 minutes, you have enough parachutes for each individual plus 6 extra parachutes to parachute supplied down with you on the unknown terrain.

you will decide as a group what 6 extra items to take and apply your skills to survive, you should be able to respond to any challenges presented by your assessor during your leadership assessment. although you do not have to survive you must show your reasoning why you have picked your items with your team

Items (feel free to add as you see fit)

Life Raft
25 day man rations
50 L of water
Stove Equipment
Sleeping Bags
Catering size Box of Condoms
Short range radio
map of the northern hemisphere and compass
survival supplies (pocket knives,flares SART short range Beacon)
First aid supplies
Building Supplies

{please let me know if this helped you!}


To be honest that works quite well as a group discussion, but not as a task to require a SMEAC brief


But the same can be said for half of the Blue exercises


Yeah, I don’t use those.


Me neither for the most part.