Leadership: Scenarios for SMEAC briefings


Hi all
Does anyone have any written scenarios they can share, suitable for Cadets to convert into SMEAC briefings?
Could be military or non-military, eg disaster relief, situations.
Looking to update our leadership resources with some tasks for the older Cadets who’ve already gained the Blue Badge.
thanks in advance


Rather than ‘waste’ actual scenarios on just learning how to brief, I get them to think of a TV show or film and write the brief for that plot. Things like Independence Day, or war films, are great for it.
Bonus point for keeping the group interested is then when they present them the other cadets have to name the film.


They are on ACC drive, look at the top of the screen. Lots of good stuff in there.


Cheers, I’ve downloaded some of the examples from there (and I’ve found some ACF exercises too which - dare I say it here - are quite good).


I’ll try that, thanks


Was asked if one has to do a course to teach/sign off on Blue badge Leadership? [As in Radio Badge for instance]


No special qualificatuon is required to assess and sign off Blue Leadership.
It only seems to be the Radio clique (and obviously the shooting) that requires that sort of nonsense.


Спасибо, thank you :wink:


i just looked on the fieldcraft on the drive and i dont see any files at all. is it just me?


I’m going to give this a go next week!


I’m definitely going to look at this, too!


Let me know how it goes; feedback’s a gift.


You went OTT this week with leadership tasks!! Awesome idea though



Have plenty of them if you’re interested


No such thing as OTT, surely?


Send them my way please!


Any chance of putting them in the drive :wink:?


The best leadership exercises involve hut maintenance/cleaning.


The best leadership tasks are those designed to test or challenge certain traits, skills, or behaviours.


Bronze badge L/ship. What is added to the Blue?