Latest "pause" - BTEC in Aviation Studies

Good news! Yet another activity is being “paused”:

Royal Air Force Air Cadets HQ is pleased to announce that we are working towards the introduction of a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aerospace Studies.
This is to replace the current BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aviation Studies, which is being discontinued. There will be a short gap between the availability of the qualifications.
While the BTEC Level 2 in Aviation Studies has benefited many cadets over the last 20 years, it is time to move forward with a new qualification that seeks to improve knowledge and employability in a more modern format. This includes more up-to-date content as well as a better way of recording progress.
It is expected that the new BTEC in Aerospace Studies will be available in 2023 to eligible cadets, and more details about this exciting new qualification will be released in due course. Any questions in the interim should be directed to Wing Commander Training

Of course, no details as to timing so 2023 will likely be December. A whole year without being able to issue BTECs. What do we do with classification training in the mean time?


Oh really? So now even HQAC have given up with the CoC, just email them directly :wink:

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O joy… just submitted one on Monday :zipper_mouth_face:

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I really hope they’ll get it sorted quickly. The only reason we persevere with terrible outdated resources and the appalling Ultilearn is on the promise of a BTEC at the end of it.

Without it then they may as well forget the classification syllabus and we’ll do some proper training instead!


The Delivery of the classification training is independent of the BTEC it just means that you can claim a qualification for completing the classification - something we stopped doing at my squadron ages ago (cadets weren’t bothered, too much paperwork for staff).

As long as it’s a case of classifications that also result in a btec then fine & not a case of “BTEC means classification”

I think for many parents the fact that there is a BTEC they can earn is a good selling point, when listed with everything else you can achieve. Having tangible quals linked to our training is essential for others to recognise the training value of what we do.

Sat in your college or first job interview there’s a world of difference between being a master cadet… or being a master cadet which means I have a BTEC… Employers have an idea of the time, effort and level of detail that training involved.

It’s a huge plus for parents and cadets. Given the admin burden there are other things I’d rather chin off admin wise than something that could massively benefit the cadet…

Taking that away is a terrible shame. So I hope they sort it quickly so those cadets that were told they would be able to get a BTEC, and have been diligently working towards it, don’t age out before they get the replacement in place.


Not sure the current system should be accredited at any level, save maybe for ability to use a search engine.

1st class workbook = fill in boxes as instructor reads from answer book.
Leading - Master = open exam, open Google, type question, read answer, select answer, pass exam.

How much knowledge is retained!? Most do try to do it right but can the awarding body tell who takes the shortest route? But I’m a cynical old goat most days, the rest of the year I’m just grumpy .

Maybe cadets should sit a separate written exam as proof of ability and knowledge.

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Is that the same Wing Commander Training who, when asked about a training gap on VoP, declined to answer and passed the buck?


This is not really for me to comment on.



  1. Does this mean that cadets recently or just passing master now, wont get anything?

  2. Will they have to redo work to get the btec?

  3. How is this new btec different or is it just a rebrand?

  4. Seems an odd thing to do, pull the old one… BEFORE starting the new one. Any reason why?

Im going to go with… this smells funny, looks funny and most likely there is more to it.


Or at least a consolidated final exam on learn at end.

Whilst I have always thought the current BTEC isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on because of the assessment method I do think it’s stupid to pull it before the replacement is ready. I only think it’s worthless because I know how it works, employers don’t. And whilst some cadets coast through using Google, others have worked hard on the basis that there will be a qualification. Some of those are now going to age out before the new one comes in.
Normally qualifications have transitional arrangements to allow those partway through to complete the old one if they wish.


Is there a ‘What Can We Pause Next’ department at HQAC?



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Maybe this?


Whats this info all about a new BTEC ‘syllabus’.

Can someone with any actual facts explain what the hell is going on with btecs and what are we getting?

Ive heard everything from…

First class btec, to space, to aviagion studies to OU a level, to ucas this and ucas that.

What is going on and how will it work.

And why cant we just get a stable learning platform first for goodness sake.

Talk about changing everything all at the same time all the time.

The BTEC in Aviation Studies has been binned, and a new BTEC in Aerospace Studies is due next year.

Withdrawal of BTEC in Aviation Studies
You may have noticed the announcement that the BTEC in Aviation Studies has been withdrawn and will be replaced by the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aerospace Studies next year. All eligible cadets will have the opportunity to undertake this new qualification, when it becomes available. In the meantime, please do not email any BTEC claims to the BTEC Registration Claims mailbox. All previously received emails will be responded to by HQ RAFAC.
Cadet Training Portal - Withdrawal of BTEC in Aviation Studies

That bit im aware of.

Whats this about a new “BTEC Syllabus” or is that just a posh way of descibing the above?

just a term to encompass all the BTEC’s available to cadets I think

@anon59391077 spoke about a seperate BTEC Specialist - Space Studies earlier this year. Complete the Silver Space award to gain the BTEC