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Anyone got any ideas what it means? It’s written in jargon, doesn’t say who it’s directed at and doesn’t say who wrote it. Completely useless.


The PME thing?


Yes, we’ve been told that we need a PME for our parades. We’ve not been told what a PME is.


Participation in Military Event?

No idea…


Public Military Event?



Three Letter Acronym!

Without reference to “what” / “how” / “with what notice” / “sent where” etc, the announcement is useless.


No idea how you do one, luckily we tag onto the TA so don’t have to do one ourselves. It’s about telling the Police I think (who don’t care).


IT is yes. This came out a few years ago after some parades got a bit of stick from protestors plus the CT angle. Anyway the upshot was we were supposed to liaise with the local feds so they could “be aware” and risk assess it checking their intel etc etc. Doesn’t mean they will turn up of course but be sure that someone will pick up a phone in advance if an issue crops up.


Public Military Event. We have had to submit a form in this wing to the local police since the beginning of the year but only if we are the ones arranging the activity. For all other events I have had to have a lot of to’ing and fro’ing informing organisers we cannot participate without police PME clearance. They seem to have got the message and all we have to do is note as such on the PIPE. Had no issues with it really other than yet more admin.


Get up to date on lingo, you can’t say TLA anymore…

[quote=“Arrsepedia”]TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms) replaced obsolete TLAs (Two-Letter Acronyms) after WW2 when it was realised that the Forces needed more possibilities than TLAs allowed.

TLAs of both kinds have now been largely been surpassed by MLAs (Multi-Letter Acronyms). TLAs are technically abbreviations, whereas MLAs provide an open-ended opportunity for total Acronym Overload.


Watch out - this caught me out last year. Once generated, a PME becomes classified as it contains detailed information regarding an event where a “military” presence is included. This of course means you cannot email or easily distribute it.


PME - Public Military Engagement I believe


I’ve spoken to local plod and asked about the recent vehicular incidents and they said you could predict them no easier than all six numbers for the lottery. The bloke I was speaking to (an inspector) said people hire or nick cars miles away drive somewhere and do what they do in a random area, they have no connection to.

For the organisers to make a phone call within the timeframes we require (the ACF it’s 2 months) and get an accurate assessment would be no more accurate than a definite weather forecast for December 12th made today.

It’s like the nonsense just before BoB, RAFA asked the police and they said no problems and there weren’t, but the police weren’t at the parade, even though we had MPs and others there. The levels went to max and everyone got excited for 5 minutes, before getting back to their normal lives. My dad who is in his 90s smiles when these things happen and the news people get all excited, he says if we reacted like they do now during the war, we may have well just given up. If you stop or get over cautious we might as well not bother, imo.


Of topic but did you see the one about Membership cards it’s useless to


Yeah, but this system started before all those incidents. It was more to do with organised protests.


PME is that like PMT or PMS then.


Which makes it even more of a waste of time as a Planned Protest only has to be notified to the Police 6 days before and even then if you don’t do it but give notice within the 6 days you are ok.

If you just decide to do it on the day the Protest is still lawful and no one knows about it until it happens.


Where do we look for the relevant chapter and verse in the ACPs






Why is it now then that someone seems to be making it an important thing?

I’ve lived in the same area for over 50 years and the only recollection of anything approaching organised protests was unions at the local power stations in the 1970s (dad told me about them), one by a right wing group and a counter one by “anti facists” about 10 years ago. We have the full gamut of religious groups and cultural diversity and none of them ever seem that bothered.

I’ve been in the RBL for over 30 years and I’ve never known the police warn about anything relating to threats to parades. It would have to be something pretty spectacular to make the Legion or RAFA abandon parades and we should be exactly the same.

It seems like all admin procedures some insignificance has got their panties twisted to make their job look worthwhile.