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I think someone’s pulling your leg there - Official Sensitive can be emailed, so unless your PME form is being classified Secret or Top Secret then it’s not going to be a problem.


Nonsense. They can be emailed and that is the only way we submit them. Also, the whole purpose of the form is to make sure the relevant parties are aware of a public event. Key word there being public. The details of the event will be known to the general public anyway!


I now have a copy of the PME form if anyone needs it


Yes please, you already have my email!


Yes please. I will pm you my email


Military presence is stretching it a bit for the majority of parades, a few Air/Army cadets and a smattering of old boys.


Old boys do you mean ex forces or vets who likely have served at least one day more than most of us officers and SNCO on operations. Respect goes far


keep it in your knickers love.

respect for the fallen is one thing, slavish adoration for 70 year old blokes who define their entire lives by two years of painting rocks in Aldershot is something else - why else do you think the RBL clubs are dying on their backsides?

and Teflon is right, at the overwhelming majority of these ‘military events’ theres no actual military participation - not least because making people stand around at some dismal parade on a Sunday is not conducive to retention.


Consider that the sort of pond scum who would attack a “public military event” are not known for their clear distinction between civilians and military personnel or the specifics of service. If cadet forces (child or adult) are present in uniform they could be a target and notifying the security services of an intended future event can help join up the dots and perhaps protect us.


Its remembrance day, if the local Neighbourhood Team aren’t aware that their will be a parade then they aren’t awake.

Surely if someone in the MOD has got a Bee in their Bonnet about this HQAC could inform all 43 Police Forces that their will be events that weekend and ask if their is anything which might affect them. If the answer from a force area is yes then they can look at specific areas from there. In reality the answer is going to be no and this is just another admin waste of time being inflicted on both volunteers and the police who are now going to get 900 extra bits of paper for no reason.


what irks me is that we will generally be creating an SMS activity for these events anyway so all the info will be on the system and could be notified to Sy automatically if someone had a mind to do so.

The PME form itself is garbage, tedious to complete and duplicates SMS. It should not be necessary.


Ah but it keeps a shiney in a job and able to justify their existence.Shame they are rubbish at protecting personal data as im now getting sick of new staff paperwork going awry once it reaches the brains trust at HQAC and the ridiculously long lead in time for paperwork to be actually processed.Its pathetic.


Not just HQAC we have an insurmountable amount of paperwork that “goes missing” between squadrons and Wing. I’ve put many things in the post only to be told a few weeks later, ‘we’ve not had that’, yet they don’t / won’t accept emailed documentation, given they work in the dark ages. I sometimes get an image of the Wing/Region/HQAC staff sitting hunched over a desk with a single candle, diligently trimming a quill and dipping it in ink.


Picture of the WExO talking to some Wing Staff…