Lack of Wedgwood Shirts - where to claim costs of private purchase

So I have a new SNCO on my team who is due for initial kitting next week. He’s already been told there are no wedgwood shirts in the system so won’t be issued them.

He’s gone and bought a couple from cadet direct, but he’s asked me if the organisation will recompense him for them as they won’t provide them themselves.

Obviously I know the sqn civcom could but I’m also not sure that’s the right answer.

Has anyone got any experience of this?

Not in an ACO context, but in an MOD context, yes.

When we went to Afghanistan in 2002 there simply weren’t enough windproof smocks available through the MOD supply system to cover the unit needs, so we arranged a very speedy purchase with Arktis - Gucci windproofs for us in less than a week, and the MOD compensated us (as individuals) for the purchase. I know some units did similar things with dessert boots.

I’m sure I could rustle up a couple of new shirts up with a quick email to squadrons in my wing. Seems a little short sighted just to go straight out and buy them?

May not be the answer your looking for, but that’s what my Wexo would say if I asked.


I’d put money on no reimbursement taking place.


That sounds like a small-scale UOR, a very different beast.

PS a dessert boot sounds delicious.


your Wing is doing better than ours!

we’re lucky if we have Cadet uniform to hand, let alone short sleeve Staff wedgewood shirts sitting on the shelf waiting for an inquiry email!

I may struggle with short sleeved, but i could certainly get my hands on long sleeved, which is more than adequate temporarily until stores had some short sleeves in.

I imagine the official line will be, wait. Which means CivComm, in practice. That’s how I’d handle it.

i don’t disagree, and in winter a valid suggestion - providing “temporarily” can be measured in weeks and months, not quarters!

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That’s optimistic considering the length of the temporary gliding pause

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my point exactly…

if it was known that short sleeve shirts would be available in February no one would mind. but “no stock” can be months and months before (new/renewed) contracts catch up

I got my initial kitting in May and was told I’d have shirts by end of August.

Still waiting.

Fortunately, I have arms that most monkeys would think are long, so was able to get the extra long sleeve fresh from stores, but no short sleeves.

You can never have enough shirts just add them to his kitting when he gets it more the merrier I say especially on a hot summer camp.

although i am not indicating we should only have 1-2 shirts, by applying the “more the merrier” approach at kitting leaves the shelves bare and creates this situation we’re in now where there are no shirts left in stores

So you are blaming the MOD’s inability to manage stock control and supplier contracts on the 8 shirts I have in my wardrobe? :wink:


Amateur numbers :wink:

Not if you buy your own…

Where does cadet direct get their shirts from.

the RAF give you said amount shirts. YES

Having more because you buy them your self does not in anyway put you in the situation your in now…

We have been here many time before and will be again i’m sure. I am confident that your SNCO won’t worry to much about being reimbursed if he stay in long enough he would have accumulated more kit than he needs over his career.

He doing his bit by buying his and he will in due time be issued his allocation.

At what point does that kick in??? I’ve been in uniform for over a decade. I didnt get a full kit issue at the outset. Haven’t had anything free since, and have had to fork out for everything inbetween.

Maybe I’m just unlucky…


No your just honest, most staff order uniform in their size for Cadet Smith. (With the exception of the stuff Cadets aren’t scaled for.)

No your unlucky

And no to the smart answer about cadet Smith, I’m an officer and gentleman don’t you know.
Just had some good friends in stores…