Anyone heard of rumours about L98A2 being replaced?

The L85A2 has been upgraded to A3 but this won’t happen to the L98 as the changes are for operational effectiveness


Those upgrades have zero real benefit to cadets and would come at £100s per rifle.

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Carbine version looks awesome though

If you’ve ever fired the thing it’s horrible! So much wasted energy because of the shorter barrel.


Never going to happen.

The L98A2 is 100% effective at what it provides now.


Was talk on an ACF forum/page last year, about the L85A3 being used as a replacement for the L86 as a section weapon.

This is happening, people were doing training just before lock down.

The L98 A2 isn’t going anywhere for us.

The major differences between the L85A2 and A3 are that the A3 has a modified upper receiver, a fully floating barrel (so as to improve accuracy), as well as a full length top rail replacing the Weaver rail and allowing the mounting of various different sighting systems.

All of which are for Operational reasons but none of which are required for Cdt shooting (and certainly not at the cost of bringing the L98A2 up to equivalent A3 standard).

Agreed - but the handgrip would be SO nice to have… nah, would take too long for SASC to come up with new drills! :laughing:

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The forgrip aids ‘pointability’ for CQB and FIBUA, but RAFAC Cdts don’t do those (for obvious reasons).

I take you point about SASC though! :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve seen pics of CCF doing it :smirk:

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It does also add the ability to use a ‘bipod’ for the weak armed cadets!

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A bipod would be a useful training aid certainly

Because it’s a difficult weapon system to use…


Some L98A2s do have have A3 changes to the body but are still A2s. This doesn’t mean you get the fancy rails or anything though.

As far as I know, the L85A3 is still on the cards for the ACF, but we have a syllabus rewrite nearing release and they don’t want to add it until syllabus changes have been rolled out for everything else.

Not with live rounds you haven’t!

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Well true that…

Yeah. We’re not stupid enough to put pictures of that exercise online