Kremlin sabre-ratlling and NATO news

The only way we would get called up is if they want to remake ‘Carry On Sergeant’


I would imagine these days by the time any sort of call up …conscription or otherwise was needed, most of the UK would be very flat/warm/irradiated …and probably not very inviting.
The need for security clearances would be long gone as most people would be on clear up duties…a fairly grim time I would imagine!
I am quite happy I live fairly close to a theoretical target …get it over an done with!
VRT (or whatever its called these days or in the future) will be irrelavant …it will be ‘work’ skills that will be needed…
…But on the bright side, lets hope I am wrong eh!

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Not even that.
A few fatties may know how to point and shoot.

But have they undertaken any training in target recognition or dynamic threat analysis.

At best, our skill set would be to support phase 1 training of mass conscription.

I.e. admin support, drill training, basic saai and whts. First aid.
Nothing more.

But please lets not get into some fantisist walt world where cfavs are asked to support the mod.
Jesus. If that happens we are already ina scenario where russia is actively engaged with nato and or a serious MILSTRAT event such as release of battlefield nuclear weapon has occured.
Which, lets be honest would place Europe on a ahort timeframe slippery slope and 120 day rapid conscription and training would essentially be for public show only.

Lets all breath, relax and let the proffesional soliders get on shall we.


As I said to my employer when the question of ‘could I be called up’ arose during the onboarding a few years back:

“No - and if something happened to change that then my not being here will be the very least of anyones worries”


I know of only one VR(T) CFAV who was issued standby for call up papers.

It was a unique situation as their civvy job was running the equipment logistic hub of Brize Norton during the first gulf war. They had an air bridge running & it was deemed critical that the air bridge be maintained, less there be a supply shortage in Iraq.

The unions were un happy and balloted for strike action - at which point the RAF served call up notice papers on all the reservists including the single VR(T) as a contingency. The unions came to the table in the end & it wasn’t needed.

So in short, those who are likly to be called up pre widespread conscription are already working in those key jobs & know it. Those who aren’t will be called up or sent down a coal mine depending on you NI number.

The cadet world will basically be cheerleaders or at most cover for other discrete organisations e.g. when the SAS use to wear Royal observer Corps uniform as it looked military, didn’t stand out and any odd ways of working were put down to their civvie status.

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Fixed that for you.

We werent allowed to opperate in a little storm.
You think they would let the cadet orgs support the war effort…

Do behave.


I’m neither CFC or former VR(T) - what I am is ex-RAF with a reserve commitment until I reach age 55. I have 3 years to go until I’m safe! :scream:


2.5% GDP commitment just made.

Though, with GDP going down, that’s probably just maintaining the status quo.

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Thinking about this again…

Do we (Britain/MOD) have enough “arms” to go to war.

There are for arguments sake 50k in the RAF…do the station armouries have sufficient quantity to issue everyone a personal rifle?
And if so how many are left over for the reserves?
And if there are still some left is that enough for conscriptive troops or will it be like Dad’s army and their issued a No4/8 brought out of retirement?

I have been in the sexy side of an armoury and very much doubt there is sufficient to issue one between two …is there a hanger/bunker somewhere with 10s of 1000s of L85s or as indicated if it gets that far were all doomed anyway?
(What is the lead time on H&K delivery?)

Even if anyone here has an anwer to that Q.
That information is above Official level, so must not be posted.

Careless talk will cost lives.


Oh ye of little faith.

Since the whole thing started the negative Nellies have been saying “but Putin is just warming up!” Yet he’s yet to do anything inspired.

It is just possible that what he’s achieved so far is the best effort.

I don’t know about the rest of NATO but the U.K. and the US could likely slap Russia harder than he could slap back.

Just need to shake off our incessant self depreciation , find our gonads and land a punch.


Probably enough SLR’s in stores somewhere.


Not so good sir - It was answered in a parliamentary question back in January and is public domain, but one Google away.

Alright smart bum.
The point still stands.
This is a cadet forum one away from scouting.

Anyone who posts on here info which is at Official or above is breaking the rules / law around info security.

Worst case scenario for the individual it would mean a knock on door. For the the Country their indiscretion might cost more.

People just need to be cautious.

Thats all.

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Sorry, couldn’t help myself :joy:

You are quite right of course and paper has been signed to that effect. All should be mindful.

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Taking the “NATO News” part of the title: happy 75th birthday to the alliance!


Yet another call for conscription, albeit selective conscription based on the Swedish model for 17-18 year olds. Given that most of our country’s 17-18 years olds are too soft/woke/gender confused for effective military service, what is the likelihood that politicians will be looking closely at the cadet forces (RAFAC, ACF, SCC) as a pool for potential conscripts? In particular, 17-18 year olds who are about to time out? They’re already used to the uniform, reveille, ORPs and military-style discipline in general. Are senior cadets going to be easy pickings for the new conscript army? In my opinion, calls for conscription are becoming far too frequent to be nothing to worry about.

If you really think that of our 17-18 year olds, you’ve been watching too much GB News and reading too much Daily Mail.

Put the Kool-Aid down.


As @WhiskeyNovember says - if you think most are that way we must be living in a different nation


There have always been people that won’t/can’t cope with a military lifestyle and there have always been older generations moaning about the feebleness of the next generation, we see this all the way back to Rome and Ancient Greece.