King Charles III ... what now?

What a day for HLMTQ. So many people should be very proud. A suitably grand and record-breaking day and that is only right.

But the question on my mind, is ‘what now?’

As an avid historian and royalist, it will be a very interesting year ahead for me. For others though, what changes do we think are coming and what are people thinking?

  • Which crown will be chosen for our uniforms?
  • When/where will the coronation be?
  • Will there be a coronation medal and if so, who will get it?
  • When will see King’s commissions first issued?
  • How long until the new, King Charles CFMs are approved?
  • What other questions are on people’s minds with the year ahead?
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Will we have to pause everything for the coronation


Start planning to do so now for when the date has been released.

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Doesn’t matter, there won’t be any in stock for us until 2057.

Will the answer for this ever be anything other than London?


See answer to number 1.


I think most are still mourning the loss and to ask such questions is not on our mind. Give it a few weeks at least.


Current Crown - the Queen changed the crown used in logos so it reflected the coronation crown. It’s likly to stay.

It will be held in Westminster Abbey where all coronations have been held since 1066. When will depend on lead up but I suspect summer to avoid election clashes & ensure of good weather. Suspect whitsun like the recent jubilee bank holidays.

Too early to tell, depends on finances. May not include cadet forces.

When people pass the course & graduate as per current plan.

Not until the January at least but probably post coronation will be sorted once they’ve done the coinage.

How many new recruits am I getting this week. Where do I get more volunteers. There’s will be local events but the high politics of the monarchy are just that - high politics within the family, parliament and cabinet. Us common people have to be contented with more mundane things.

The biggest concern is the state of the RAF & RAF training (which we are part of) and who is going to shuffled elsewhere.


Personally, I’d hope so. Because the cost across the country would be enormous… And also from a selfish perspective - given how little uniform we get issued I’d rather not have to fork out for buttons, WO badges, sufficient number of rank slides, and cap badges.

But actually, I keep hearing that Charles has supposedly said that he intends to change from the St Edwards Crown and return to the Tudor Crown. I’ve seen nothing myself though.

I kept hearing he was going to be King George VII - I suspect the advice of the government would be “we can’t afford it so please dont & leave it to William to ponder”


Well that’s what he was wearing the other day so I wouldn’t be shocked if it changed.

Last time it was a very limited issue, Police only got it if they were part of the event for example. I personally think it will be a general issue like the last 3 Jubillee medals (the Silver Jubillee was also a limited issue), as they have very much set a precedent and it’s likely to be his only “general issue” medal.

Next summer in London is most likely, I’d go so far as to say 2nd Weekend in June as my personal guess.


Are people hoping for more of a cadet involvement considering the more celebratory aspect of a coronation?


I would expect more of an involvement from
Youth and Volunteers in her real as they will have time to put things together.

I suspect I’ll be up town working on that day. :rofl:

Just checked as my birthday often falls that weekend. Sadly not on the weekend next year. There goes my slim chance of blagging an invite!

That’s not his, that’s George VI’s, hence the VI in the middle.


Indeed, but if he’s working in symbology from the last King that early I suspect it’s for a reason.

I have heard this is Charles’

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But I can’t find any source to back that, so the person who sent it to me might have been sold a duffer?

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Saw this online as a suggested prototype


Think it’s from a film though.

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I think that badge is the King George VI Cypher though - certainly looks like it.


From a personal perspective I hope that the badges don’t change. Just think of the cost… No1 buttons, No5 buttons, beret badges, forage cap badges, No1 SD hat badges, Brevets etc. The cost would be huge and most probably needed to be paid for by the crown. I don’t think so.

A couple of days ago, a Royal Correspondent suggested a spring coronation.

Historically, Coronation medals are given out to members of the Royal family and household and selected officers of state, government officials, mayors, public servants, local government officials, members of the armed forces and police force.

As I’m still waiting for my Jubilee medal, I won’t be holding my breath. Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be to be awarded the coronation medal before the jubilee medal!!


But surely the change over needs to happen though. Doesn’t look like there’ll be another queen in our life time, back to back Kings now until approximately 2090 (assuming George lives to 80)

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